Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Week in Review (December 21-27)

A Week in Review (December 21-27)

Watched: Jack open his Santa presents. He really only wanted one thing for all of Christmas. I put the other three things we got him out there and tucked the other one away. It was visible, but he had to look for it.  He was bummed when he opened what he thought was his MiP, but was an Icee Maker.  He didn't get upset, but just went on with a smile. I love that his list is so simple. 

Read: Not enough. Haha  Most nights I just went to bed too tired after having played with the boys. The writing of A Redbird Christmas was very disjointed and didn't pull me in. It felt more like a rough draft rather than a finished product.  I would not recommend it. 


Made: The drive to my mom's through some winter weather. We have been very lucky on this journey and had not hit any snow before the drive. Even the little that we did hit on the way here was pretty minimal and I feel very lucky to have covered 1900 miles with so little trouble!

Felt: So glad that we could visit with so many people in while we were in Olathe for the day. We wish it could have been more of you for longer, but we will just have to visit again to make that happen!

Planned: On a "quick" little stop at the Verizon store. We were sorely mistaken about that one, but we were glad to get Nick his new iPad. Now that he will be traveling to the field more often, we wanted him to have something that was LTE accessible. The new smart cases that Apple makes are really interesting too. I like them way better than just the cover. 

Loved: Watching Jack spend time with his cousins. I love how they can just spend hours together doing the most random things. They had a great time messing with the giant box that we carried the presents up here in. I couldn't tell you why it was such an awesome fun, but I do know that they destroyed the box having so much fun with it. I know I really need to be better about making sure that I take the opportunties to skype with them. 

Here are the pics for the week:

The cousins ready for books

The children were nestled all snug in their beds

Holiday baking. We had one more kid making his own thing too, but he was using the counter and missed the pic 

Poor Aunt Valerie got dog piled

Christmas Eve Night Photos

Christmas Day

Our day in Olathe (why I didn't take pics with everyone I do not know!)

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