Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Week in Review (December 14-20)

A Week in Review (December 14-20)

Watched: The Broncos clinch the AFC West for the 4th year in a row. I don't know why Nick wasn't as thrilled as I was at this. He and Jack went out shopping for my Christmas present so he didn't watch much of it. He also came home with my annual Christmas item. I was sure that it would be something small so he wouldn't have to move it, but it ended up being these cool gift boxes. I think they were in part to replace my garland trees that I let go before the move. Don't they look wonderful?

Read:  I finished up The Poisonwood Bible.  This book did nothing for me.  It is the story of a Baptist minister, his wife, and four daughters as they embark about a mission trip in the Congo.  I had heard so many good things about it that I thought for sure there would be something that would grab me, but there just never was.  I would not recommend it.  Since I have been doing so much Christmas stuff (as always at this time of year), I  decided to start A Redbird Christmas.  It is by Fannie Flagg who wrote Fried Green Tomatoes and it is a cute little story.  It is pretty fast so I am hoping to have it done before Christmas gets here.  

Listened: To Jack bust out in Christmas carols. It's so fun to have him sing along with me.  He learned a little jingle at his school that he enjoys a lot too. He says his favorite song is "It's the Most Wonderful Time", but I think it might be Rudolph. We are all good unless the Sugar Plum Fairy song comes on and then watch out because he will do whatever it takes to get you to change the station!

Made:The trek to Wichita, hence the lateness of this blog.  It pretty much went according to plan. Jack and Nick played a lot of Minecraft and I did a lot of driving. Our Saturday stop in Denver didn't go very well.  The bar and grill we selected wasn't prepared and we had to wait way too long for food. The worst part is that the Internet wasn't reliable so Nick couldn't see the Jayhawk game very well.  The plus side is that the manager took care of the entire bill so that was good. I still don't think we'd frequent the place. 

Felt: Worried that all the stuff for our two week journey wouldn't fit in the truck. Luckily, it was fine and my worry was for not.  It was good that I packed the way that I did, but it wasn't so tight that we have to worry cramming it all in on the way home. 

Planned:  Just helping make Jingle Bell necklaces with Jack's class their last day of school before break. But it turns out that I was able to give his teacher an extra Christmss present and help out the entire morning. I taped down Name Labels on the desk, corrected the homework that was handed in, graded spelling tests, and changed out the Baggie Books. It was pretty busy and the kids were amped. We had fun making the necklaces though. 

Loved: Jack's excitement for finding Elf on the Shelf. We have had such a good time with him this year. If you haven't checked out the blog post about him, you really should. I'd link it, but they don't have that option from the app!

Here are the pics for the week:

My new Christmas display. The inflatable got ruined by rain this year. :(. But I think all the new stuff looks just wonderful. 

I just thought these snow capped trees were so beautiful. It could be that I was just out of whack from being up so high. Our highest point of elevation was around 11,150 feet up. Wowza!

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