Sunday, 30 November 2014

Elf on the Shelf

I'm not the blogger who does cute graphics or fancy pictures. I'm just an average mom who enjoys doing Elf on a Shelf with her son.  Below is a picture chronicle of our time with Elf.  Please note that while our elf likes to have fun and is sometimes a little ornery, I don't do naughty elf. I don't place him anywhere that will have to be moved in the course of our day.  I should also state that I have a pre-plan his adventures and have the vast majority of the supplies together in a box so that I can change him into his next place within 10 minutes or less.

Our elf, Conner, arrives 

Toilet Paper Snowman
      Jack loves this and hopes that Conner leaves the snowman to keep the bathroom decorated.  

Just chilling in the window sill

Apparently Jack's school picture needed a bit of improvement. 

Chilling in his hammock

He "elf"ed us

I think Spider-Man wins this round

Hiding in the tree 
  This was funny because Jack just knew he should be hiding in the tree, but just kept missing him. 

Stocking time

Maybe he was feeling homesick for that cold winter weather 

This looks like its was an uncomfortable way to spend the night

He sees you when you're sleeping

He reminds us that it's the season for giving

Better not hold it too long

Tonight he is brushing up on his reading

I am Spider-man

A special note for our boy

This idea absolutely thrilled Jack. He loved that he could pick up his elf without touching him. He just couldn't get over how funny this one was. 

I thought for sure that he was going to go nuts over this, but he didn't. Their is apparently no Lime Green on a creeper and he should have been a zombie. I guess it just goes to show you never know. 

I had to put him somewhere obvious so I wouldn't forget to grab him when we left on our trip. 

My quick placement so he could watch over him the remaining 14 hours of the drive.

Jack commented that it would be good for him to hide above the door, so that is where he hid. I didn't take a close up, but you can see him at the very right if you look super closely. 

Jack's aunt gave him a jersey for Conner to wear. Jack loved it. I just went for a quick stuck behind a painting look. 

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