Sunday, 9 November 2014

A Week in Review (November 2-8)

A Week in Review (November 2-8)

Watched: I finished up How I Met Your Mother. Definitely just a later version of Friends. So if you love Friends, you would like this one. I thought the ending was lackluster for the awesomeness of the show. However, I thought the writers did a decent job at leaving you satisfied. 

Read: Because I so thoroughly enjoy the audiobook of 11/22/63, I decided to just mostly listen to it and start on the His Fair Assassins trilogy, which the book club read for December and January. The first book is called Grave Mercy.  I am only about a 1/5 of the way in, but it's a decent premise so far. I will have to see where it takes me before I say too much. 

Listened:To several different bloggers at the Pinner's conference that I attended on Friday. I took two classes on cooking, one on distressing and antiquing wood, one on iPhone photos, and one on Christmas traditions. My favorite was actually the first one. I have started following her on Pinterest and am looking forward to making several of her recipes. It is called Real Mom Kitchen. She made three recipes and they all looked yummy! I also made a fun wood sign and got lots of great freebies. :). Pics are posted below. 

Made: My master list for our Elf on the Shelf. I am hoping that I can use some of my spare time to craft all the extra things for the days, like a Spider-Man mask. Should be a fun time.

Felt: Relief. Our house is sold. We are done.  Now I will just be able to drive back to KC and see the place where we made some awesome memories and met some great friends.

Planned: On attending the Reflections Assembly and seeing Jack get his participation award. But it turns out that he is actually moving onto the district level. He was so proud of himself and I was so happy for him. They gave out awesome trophies to the kiddos that moved on. I was super impressed that they had the names put on each trophy.  He pretty much toted it around the rest of the day telling the story to everyone. 

Loved: The weekend. Nick was able to take off early to pick up Jack while I was at the Pinner's conference. The boys got to have fun together. At 6:45 that night, Jack headed to our neighbors and Nick and I head to a place called Brewvies for dinner and a movie. It was okay. It was really busy and would probably be better for food and drinks if you got there early. We watched Gone Girl. It was an awesome adaption of the book. It is one that just leaves you going WTF??? Saturday was a great family day. The boys got haircuts, Jack got some new boots and shoes when we were searching for Nick, the Jayhawks one, Jack's soccer team pitched a shut out, and we had some great time just talking while we read books. We even watched a YouTube video that showed one of the moments in Jack's baseball book that he checked out from his school library--The Carlton Fisk ball wave.

Here are the pics for the week:

An old pic edited during the iPhone class. 

Jack loved this picture of Coach Bowen. He does wonder what the players who were thirsty drank though. 

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