Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Week in Review (October 19-25)

A Week in Review (October 19-25)

Watched: The Royals win 2 and lose 2 in the World Series. They won the lucky 3rd game and now get a chance to bring the Win back to KC. 

Read:  I didn't finish up anything or start anything new.  I just keep moving farther away from my reading goal of a book a week. I will really have to pick up my game to make it. 

Listened: To my little man get sick Friday morning. I had heard that there was a stomach virus going around, but I was so bummed he came down with it.  On the good side, it passed within 6 hours and he seemed back to his regular self that evening. 

Made: The long trek back from my mom's. It was full of bad news. We got the call that our buyer had fallen through again. It is seriously upsetting. I almost feel like there is a curse on the house.  When we were almost home, I got a text from my mom saying her kitty had been hit by a car that afternoon. It was so sad. 

Felt: Thankful that my dear husband stopped and took the time to buy me flowers after hearing all my tales of woe on Monday. There bright yellow blooms make my heart more light when I see them. 

Planned: To just have to wear random blue things for the World Series, but then my shirt arrived in the mail. My former boss, Rhonda, was awesome enough to think of me and mail me a Royals shirt. I was pretty glad especially because they won the first night I wore it. 

Loved: Attending the Spook Alley at a local church with our friends. Jack had such a good time playing all the games and doing the Spook Alley. They did a pretty good job making it freaky. He even ran into a classmate and they had a great time playing together. As you will see from the pictures below, Jack was all about the donut on a string activity. 

Here are the pics for the week:

The framed pic that Jack submitted for his school's Reflection contest.  I was so glad my mom had a mat for it so I didn't have to track that down Monday night. 

Nick was unable to stay home and watch the whole Thursday night game with us, so Jack took this picture to be able to text him the final score. :)

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