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A Week in Review (September 28-October 4)

A Week in Review (September 28-October 4)

Watched:  More baseball in this week than I have in the last decade combined.  We tuned in the late innings in both the Royals games on Wednesday and Thursday, but with the extra innings we saw plenty of ball. Friday we tuned in from the beginning and were still treated to extra innings. ;) As much as Nick doesn't want to admit it, I think he is enjoying it and since he picks TV in the evening, I am guessing we will watch more. 

Read: I finished up True BelieverIt was by far and away the worst Nicholas Sparks books I have ever read. The characters were unbelievable. I didn't like one of them. Not a book I'd recommend.  Next, I started Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. My friend Laurie brought it back for me after a trip to Savannah.  Apparently there is even a movie I can add to my watch list after I finish it. 

Listened: To several Shel Silverstein poems. Nick read books on Tuesday night and picked up Where the Sidewalk Ends. Jack really enjoyed Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Snout Would Not Take the Garbage the Out. We have read it several times since and also found several others that we like too.  If you haven't picked up it up in a while, you should.
Made:  I saw a new recipe for a French dip.  I thought it was good, but the boys weren't a fan because I used a roast.  I might keep the base and add in roast beef sandwich meat next time. The base was a can of beef broth and an onion soup mix. It made a delicious au ju sauce. 

Felt: Sore Saturday morning. Jack didn't have school Friday and so we played the hat game. The afternoon was packed with physical activities.  Jack invented a way to play baseball with just two people. It involves a lot of running.  After dinner, he was going to take Nick down to the park and show him how it worked. Our neighbor girl was out and they decided two on two would be more fun. We did have a good time. I love beautiful Fall days when we are able to play around without getting all sweaty.

Planned:  I saw an advertisement in a magazine for a Pinner's Conference. It's an one or two day event that will have vendors and classes from different bloggers. It's pretty reasonably priced and I think I might spend a Friday there.

Loved: Watching all the kiddos perform their readers theater. They did such an excellent job and I was proud of all their hard work. :). I did record Jack's group. It is an almost 10 minute video that is pretty quiet, but I think it's worth a watch.   You can find it here:

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack's 1st grade photo

His team flag football photo 

We had fun at Lego event at the library

Jack and I's paintings

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