Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Week in Review (October 5-11)

A Week in Review (October 5-11)

Watched:  Jack have such a great time playing with the big kids of the neighborhood.  They played some box trolls game, played some stuff in the house after snacking, and then tried to play baseball.  I wish we had some kids his age that lived closer, but he seems to have fun so we just embrace it. 

Read:  I finally finished up Pride and Prejudice.  So it makes me feel rather low brow to say this, but I really did not like this novel at all.  I only gave it two stars.  It just was so redundant without much story line.  I still don't understand why women would just die for a Mr Darcy in their life. I will be watching the BBS mini series to see if the actors add more to the story for me.I also made some progress on Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  Not sure if I will have a review for you next week with the trip to my mom's. 

Listened: To Jack's teacher during conferences. They want him to practice reading "nonsense" words to help build phonics blending. I knew that he was more a sight word reader and so I am not surprised that he had trouble in that area. On the plus side, his math skills continue to excel. 

Made: Some more reader's theaters for Jack's teacher. I actually have a really good time breaking down the books into different parts.  She said she received lots of compliments from the parents and so she will be doing it again.

Felt: Glad to have signed and shipped all the documents for closing the house. Now just to count down the days until it happens!  So glad this journey is almost over.

Planned: To try and build something from these Crazy Fort balls and sticks.  I stumbled upon directions on their website and was able to make a really fun igloo. Jack turned it into an obstacle trying to get his body and football through without hitting any of the sticks. It was a lot harder than it seemed like it should be. 

Loved: Spending the day with Jack at the Children's Museum downtown. I feel like he is just on the border of not enjoying those places anymore, unless he would take a younger friend, so I am glad that we got to go and explore. We even saw a bird show done by another group here in town.  The museum was in the middle of a outdoor shopping area and Jack fell in love with the store called Fanz. We had to end up going their twice.

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack's car that was cooler than mine as voted on :)

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