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A Week in Review (October 12-18)

A Week in Review (October 12-18)

Watched: The Royals sweep the ALCS. I am not a baseball fan, but there is something infectious about these boy's spirit. Plus, it all really counts now and they seem to manufacture plays out of nothing. I am so into it that I have the batting order memorized.  Because they had to cancel Monday's game due to rain, Wednesday's game was played in the afternoon. It really cramped my style, but thankfully we awesome cable that has an app for watching TV on the go and so I took my tablet with me do I wouldn't miss anything while I picked up Jack. 

Read: I am still working on Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I am enjoying it, but it isn't a fast paced read. I also decided to make the commitment to 11/22/63. I am starting it on audiobook as I wrap the other three books I need to finish . I say it's a commitment because it is 25 disc long.  While I am only just starting out, it really has been drawn in. I also had the book Rooms come off my hold list. It looks to be a fun book for the Halloween season. The other Lauren Oliver books I've read have been very fast paced. so I am hoping for this one as well. I also need my November Book Club read to come off my hold list so that I can have it done by the 1st. It's getting to be quite full on my reading palate.

Listened: To the roar of lawn tractors during the Lawn Tractor races at the Harvest Moon Fall Festival we went to on Saturday. It was pretty funny to see them zoom around. They had really suped them up. A couple even turned corners on two wheels. Kyle and Jack both participated in their first ever cake walk. We also got to play the human foosball game that is sweeping the Pinterest boards.  It was a ton of fun. I hopped out to share my spot with a younger kid and so I could take photos.  Jack also decided that a haunted maze that kids had warned us was scary couldn't be. So we paid our money and went in. A first it was pretty boring, but about half way through one of the actors wearing a half mask and swing a plastic machete ran at us and said "It's your time to die!"  I see Jack look down at his pants to see how much had leaked out. It truly scared the piss out of him. He laughs when I tell the story. Although he wanted to cut and run out the back way, we pushed on and the people kept coming. It was pretty well done for something so small. I don't think we will forget it anytime soon. 

Made: The 600 mile trek to see my family on Thursday. We are having a great time with them. I hope that when Jack is my age he still loves coming home. I know that my mom's tradition of taking care of the kids will live on. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mom.  We are also loving having Kyle back in Alliance too and Jack continually wears him out with his requests for one game of football, baseball, or whatever other high energy game he can think of. 

Felt:  Super lucky. On Thursday, while driving through the poor cell service in Wyoming, I was lucky enough to be able to orchestrate getting the owner of the other side of the duplex to sign a document. The lender's bank requested that this be done within four hours. Say what???  I am just now hoping for no more glitches in the road. I couldn't believe it actually worked out.

Planned: For Jack to play to soccer on four Saturdays in November. One of the area rec centers has an indoor soccer league. There are no practices, but I think it will be good for him to try it out and see what he thinks of the game.

Loved: The beautiful views of the Alpine Loop in Northern Utah county. It was so breathtaking and the pictures below don't really do it justice. I loved seeing all the names carved into trees. I think the oldest one I spotted was from '77.  I think it was so funny that Jack chose to go out in his full football gear. He was really just in the mood for pass, but did okay just enjoying the scenery. Definitely something unique for our time in Utah.

Here are the pics for the week:

This just really cracked me up. 

Jack at an Abraham Lincoln monument at a WY rest area on our way to my mom's. 

Jack boxing Poppa's ears. Notice he is smart enough to wear the helmet to save himself from retaliation.

Me in my new Bronco's shirt that my mom got for me. 

Harvest Moon activities

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