Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A Week in Review (August 24-30)

A Week in Review (August 24-30)

Watched: My boys have a great time a the Snowbird Oktoberfest.  After we went for Mexican in downtown, Nick mentioned that there was an Oktoberfest going on that might be fun.  In addition to a ton of (3.2!) Biergartens, they had activities to do. Individually they were quite expensive, like $17 for the rope course.  So instead we bought a day pass for $46. The first thing Jack wanted to do was the rope course. We waited an hour and half for him to go on it, and then he didn't even really enjoy it because he was just a bit too short to be able to tug the rope. We made our way to the next thing he wanted to do and we had to wait another hour for him to do the bouncy tramp. He was ready to leave, but I asked him to do the rock wall so that we could at least break even. However, we realized that the park was clearing out. So we rode the ski lift to the top and Jack did the Alpine slide.  When we were up there, he decided he wanted to do the vertical drop. So he did that twice and the alpine slide once more. It was great at the end and the dreadfully long wait times were forgotten. 

Read: I started on All Together Dead. It cracks me up because sometimes you see the age of the book because she had to have a seperate phone line for the internet and she packed her portable CD player. The plot is a bit more sex filled than I remember the previous ones in the series. I also began the book A Man Called Ove. It is our September book club selection.  I didn't finish up either one of them, but should have two reviews next week.

Listened: I finally friended one of Nick's colleagues wife on Facebook and asked her for some recommendations for radio stations. She pointed me in the right direction. :)  I was getting a little sick of listening to the same old music. I also ordered All Together Dead so that any errands I run in the middle of the day, I can listen to my book. 

Made: An impromptu Bunco score card when my dear friend actually Skyped me into my Kansas Bunco group. It lifted my spirit so much. It worked out extremely well since the boys were out messing with each other for the night. I think I'll convince Fia to take her laptop so that I can always play instead of the ghost. :)

Felt: Glad to get our house on the market. Please let it sell quickly....

Planned: On using some of the 3M command picture strips to mount pictures since I know I want them to be temporary. I LOVE them. They feel much more secure than a simple nail on a wall. So if for some reason, you have been on the fence as whether to try these or not, go for it!  It feels much nicer having pictures up around my home.

Loved: That Denise and Lee were able to stop for a visit on their way home from their vacation. We had a great time time teaching them Mille Borne and playing monopoly party. We also went to home the footlong corndog with them. :)

Here are the pics for the week:

Rope Course

Bungee Tramp

Rock Wall

The Vertical Drop

Lightsaber fighting with Jack can be dangerous. 

He also said sleeping in, but it was too much to write. :)

The selfie I took to send to my Bunco group before I realized I was going to get to Skype them. 

A quick before Grandma and Papa got on the road. 

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