Monday, 8 September 2014

A Week in Review (Aug 31-Sept 6)

A Week in Review (Aug 31-Sept 6)

Watched: Jack play his first flag football game. It is definitely in a different style than FCCJC, but I think we will get used to it. Three of his classmates are on his team, so that is pretty nice for him. He enjoys himself and so that's what is really important. He had talked about not doing it in favor of a science club, but I think he is glad that he stuck with it. 

Read: I finished up All Together Dead. It was much in the line of the other Sookie novels. It left me in the mood for another one, so I got the audiobook for From Dead to Worse. I only listen to it when I am alone in the car, so it will be quite sometime before you get a review. I did make some good progress on A Man Called Ove.  I should wrap it up next week.

Listened: To my friend announce that her triplets would be born on Thursday. All the babies are doing well at last update. Two of them were over 5lbs and the other weighed in at about 3.5lbs.  I am so proud of how great she did on her crazy journey. I think the true craziness is just about to begin.
Made: A new friend because of my Jayhawk front plate. A family that has just moved the area and has a son attending Kindergarten at Jack's school noticed my Jayhawk front plate. She asked me to meet them at the park for a play date. Jack had a great time playing with her kids and I had a nice time chatting with her. I see more get togethers in our future.

Felt: So glad that Nick was able to take off Labor Day weekend. On Sunday, we helped him move his stuff into the project office. On Monday, we drove around doing a search for items from Itty Bitty Draper. It was a picture search of places throughout the town. We found about half of them.

Planned: On finally doing our ALS ice bucket challenge. It was a complete fail. Jack chickened out and cried horribly when he got hit with a bit of the ice water in the back. Then he failed to record mine. I do wonder what my face looked like when that ice water hit me. It was really uncomfortable.  We donated $100 as a family.

Loved: Being able to watch the first Jayhawk game.  While it wasn't as awesome as being there, it was great to be able to watch our team play. We splurged and bought an Apple TV sones could have a hard wired internet connection for Watch ESPN, which will also come in handy during basketball season too.

Here are the pics for the week:

Our Itty Bitty Draper Clues

Pics from Jack's first football game

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