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A Week in Review (September 14-20)

A Week in Review (September 14-20)

Watched: Jack have fun at his school's Classic Skating Night. Apparently twice a year, the PTO pays for the families to have free skating time. All the other offerings in the building are on a reduced cost too. Jack had really been wanting to go and do this foam block jump.  It worked out okay.  I didn't get a picture of the foam block jump, but I did get a picture of him doing his scooter in the innerSkate, but it was horribly blurry.  He did pause for me to grab a picture of him as climbed the bridge in the jungle. 

Read: I finished up Dead to Worse. It was a great audiobook for the car. I'm so tired of Sookie flitting in and out of relationships with men.  She doesn't seem fulfilled without a relationship either.  I am wondering where the True Blood Series picks up with books. Seems like something I might be able to watch.  I also finished up Big Little Lies. Once you get past the character development of the first hundred pages, it really picks up.  It shows some of the dark elements of life, but yet you enjoy it all. I would recommend it to the average reader.

Listened: Because I finished up Dead to Worse, I decided I needed something else to listen to. I have never read the classic, Pride and Prejudice, so I decided that it might be easier to listen to the old English rather than read it. I am enjoying it, but haven't gotten very far.  Everyone says I am really missing out by not watching the BBC mini series that was made, so I will be able to rectify that in a couple weeks. 

Made: It through my back log of Days of Our Lives.  I had let several of them back up while I was watching Parenthood (yep, my life has really become this exciting).  I was bummed that the show hadn't had any exciting revelations in my absence.

Felt: So excited that the buyer agreed to our terms for repairs. I had been nervous that might be a breaking point, but my worry was for nothing (as it seems to be most of the time!). Now we just have to wait for the final signatures and it will be all done. Woo Hoo!

Planned: To try and find Jack a new pair of cleats because he has been complaining that the 13's I bought pinch his toes.  We couldn't find any at the second hand store, but we did score some footie fleece PJs, which he was super excited about. He has been upset that I had to give away the pair that were too small. We found three pair, so he was thrilled.  We did end up finding a general pair of cleats from Payless that he loves because they are red, blue, and shiny.  He played great on Wednesday, finally be aggressive in going for flags and getting out to block and he credits the shoes. 

Loved: That Jack had the day off of school. It starts the Canyons "Who needs a full day on a Friday?" run.  His Friday schedule goes like this for school: Off, Early Release, Off, Off, Off, Early Release,  Halloween. True story.  Any who, we decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and visit the zoo here. Afterwards, we went to Fazoli's to celebrate his getting an A+ on his first spelling test. We were going to see Earth To Echo at the cheap seats theater, but ran out of time, so we settled for Frozen at home. It was a good day :)

Here are the pics for the week:

A blurry pic, but Jack is on the far left and his friend is in the middle. He was glad to have someone to mess around with. 

Jack wanted a picture in his footie jammies

My first Halloween decoration that I put up. Had fun crafting these up while Jack was at school one day.  It's just a simple foam cone, cut in half and wrapped with yarn 

Jack's A+

Some pics from the zoo

This isn't a great picture, but we went to a party at one of Nick's coworker house. Across the street was a house with a moat. Seriously, a moat....  It went all the way over their house and they had built a small bridge for their driveway. Living the childhood dream they are!

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