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A Week in Review (July 20-26)

A Week in Review (July 20-26)

Watched: Saving Mr. Banks with Nick on Sunday night. We put together our new entertainment stand (which I am excited about because it has an excellent cord hiding system and lots of space for stuff) and then decided to end the night with a redbox.  There wasn't much in, but I had been wanting to see this for a while. I really enjoyed learning the back story to one of my favorite kid movies, Mary Poppins.

Read: Due to Nick's work and time at the airport, I was able to complete The Diary of Mattie Spenser. It felt like an authentic read for a woman trying to make her way in the Colorado Territory. It made me thankful that my move for my husband is taking place in 2014, not 1865!  While there are a few historical facts, it looks more at what a woman would have had to struggle with. I found all the characters quite endearing. My only wish is that there had been some historical marker that would have let us know what became of Tom, Jessie, and Earl.  I did end up picking up One Plus One from the library, but didn't even get close to finishing. Luckily a dear friend said if I mailed it back to her, she would return it for me. 

Listened: To Nick confirm with the driver  of our moving truck that we would take delivery on Sunday the 27th. I couldn't believe it. That just seemed so soon! My last 3.5 days in Kansas were exhausting and emotional, but I know things will be okay because we are all together. 
Made: The drive to Sidney, Nebraska after the movers had loaded up our stuff. It was so nice to see my mom at the half way point of this long journey.

Felt: Overwhelmed, underprepared, sad, anxious, thankful. There are just so many new things to face on this new journey and I hate not having a strong plan. However, we have had great support from neighbors, friends, and family that 
have made this easier to deal with. 

Planned: On the packers being adults, but the crew that they sent us were a bunch of teenage boys and an woman. It will make the unpacking seem a lot like Christmas because each box will be a surprise. Our movers were a very efficient team though and I was thankful for them. 

Loved: Having one last Bunco blast with my gals. Unfortunately a few of gals couldn
't be there. I called Nick and informed him that I have to plan a vacation around a Bunco night!  I also loved that Jack got to have one last time with the Beane's, although saying goodbye for quite sometime to all those wonderful ladies was rather difficult.

Here are the pics for the week:

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