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A Week in Review (August 3-9)

A Week in Review (August 3-9)

Watched: I am finally able to watch Days of Our Lives again.  Oddly, it is only on from 1:07-2:07AM!  I guess there must not be a huge market for it hear in SLC. Thank goodness for my DVR. We also got hooked back up with American Ninja Warrior. 

Read: I finished up The Phantom Tollbooth
I was very surprised by this book. It was like an Amelia Bedila book for grown ups. It had so many quirks that I have a hard time believing that a younger ages audience could really enjoy it. If you are looking for a delightful read full of plays on words, I highly recommend this story.

Next I started on The Language of Flowers . I haven't gotten very far in it.

Listened: To the sounds of the city and new construction fade away as we made our way back into the Rocky Mount Falls. It was pretty neat to find the little treasure hidden back there. Then we heard something pretty ominous--Big Loud Thunderbooms.  Another one of the hikers got a call that it was pouring rain about 25 minutes away.  We all decided to trek back down and we made it to the car before the rain hit.  We did stop to take a picture of the big cloud that had formed.

Made: A fun night of work out of packing up the majority of paper the packers used.  We ended up with 13 60-gallon trash bags full of paper.  And the bags were stuffed full. Each bag was treated to several rounds of Jack jumping in it to compress the paper.  I'm thankful that I convinced the city of Draper to let me take it in rather than try to keep filling up my recycling bin.

Felt: So sad. On Friday, Barley came in from outside and tripped on his doggy door. I thought he was just had a cramp. But as it kept getting worse, I had a big fear that his time had come. I called and made a vet appointment for him.  He could tell we were getting ready to take the trash to the recycling facility and walked out and sat by the car. I couldn't refuse him so I let him in. After running the two loads to the site, I called Nick's office and asked them to pull him out of his meeting.  Upon seeing Barley, he decided he would take the time to go with us to the vet.  When we pulled him out and the vet, he could no longer use either of his back legs. It was pretty awful.  It became quickly apparent that a tumor had most likely pinched a nerve in his spine and caused him to have paralysis. With very heavy hearts, we chose to humane euthanize him. My heart still aches as I write this and I think this is why I put off writing the blog for so long. He was such a great friend and fallen food catcher. The house feels empty without his bark to greet me when I return.  Thanks for 10.5 good years my friend.

Planned: To find a Kansas style farmers market so that we could try this new recipe,  Instead we drove clear around town before finding something that resembled a vendor fair with produce at it. We did learn that they can grow a yummy peach here and we did find the tomatoes. We also found a bakery that had cheap prices so I bought several things to sample. My favorite was the raisin filled cookie.

Loved: All the support that I have gotten in the ways of texts, calls, and Facebook messages. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to reach out to me.  I really miss a lot of things about Kansas and our friends are one of the biggest. Love you all!

Here are the pics for the week:

Rocky Mount Falls

Barley at the Vet. As you can sadly see, his top half was just fine and happy. It made it so much worse. 

Jack in his skills of justice pose.

The boys playing lightsabers when we took Nick over to Jack's new playground. 

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