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A Week in Review (May 18-24)

A Week in Review (May 18-24)

Watched: My sweet little boy graduate from Kindergarten.  The teacher put together a slide show and then they sang sweet songs about moving onto First Grade.  I, of course, had tears of happiness streaming down my face.  I am so glad that my mom was there to share them with me.  When the teacher told me that the event was going to happen in the classroom, I didn't think that could work.  But it clearly it wasn't her first rodeo and things were fine.  I think everyone had a nice time.  I caught a couple videos of Jack and his songs.  They aren't the highest of quality, but Jack and I still enjoy them.  We hope you do too!

Read: I finished up Cinder .  It didn't grab me as quickly as I thought it would.  Overall, I didn't really like this book. I found it way too predictable. The characters weren't all that likable.  I will start the 2nd book in the series only because I have it waiting right here for me.  Let's hope pulls me I'm a bit more. 

Listened: To Jack giggle with delight while my mom and I were screaming during Spinning Dragons.  On Monday, we took our trip to Worlds of Fun.  Jack is now over 46" tall so it made it a totally new experience.  He loved finally being able to ride on his own after 4 years of having to ride with me.  There are several pics below.

Made: A Monday morning trip over to see Jack's reading day celebration. He was awarded a medal for reading 4000 minutes over the school year. Several of his classmates also made the goal for gold.  Because the school made their goal for the reading minutes, they taped Mrs. Veatch (the principal) to the wall with duct tape so that she could fly. She was a good sport and it held for a couple seconds. I was able to get in a quick photo, but the quality is pretty bad. You will get the idea though.  The students had a lot of fun and I am sure it will hemp motivate them for next year too.

Felt: Bummed.  We found out on Tuesday that Nick would not be getting a memorial day weekend, so we decided that he should just stay in SLC instead of being home without really being home.  That left a lot of time for Jack and I to hang out together.  On Saturday, we played the hate game again.  We began with Jack's pick of watching Iron Man 3 and ended with 15 of book reading time. We also played some wii, some floor hockey, ate at Fazolli's and painted his nails gold. It was a good day. 

Planned: To just buy Ms. Beth a plant for her year end gift, but I couldn't find one that I just loved. Luckily, mom was here and pointed out this super cute one called a Purple Passion. She was awesome enough to spend some of her last time here helping me pot it. This inspired me to have her plant Jack's wildflower that he had gotten from school too. We were excited that they already have tiny sprouts. 

Loved: Spending time with my mom. It was great to just share in our everyday stuff together.  I loved that she was here to walk Jack to his last day of Kindergarten. And that she got to see him do gymnastics. We got to go swimming and all be silly going down the water slide. I loved getting my toenails done with her. I am so very thankful for my mom!

Here are the pics for the week:

Our annual snoopy pic

He really wanted to play a game and had a very hard time walking away when he was out of money. Luckily, we found an every game is a winner (and a very nice operator) at another booth and Grandma Teri gave him the funds and he won Pink, Pink, Pink Monkey. 

Jack and Grandma Teri heading up the Spinning Dragons for three times in a row. 

Jack's First and Last Day of Kindergarten

A final day collage

Working on planting his seeds

Jack's gold toes. He is thinking about doing his nails too. 

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