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A Week in Review (April 27-May 3)

A Week in Review (April 27-May 3)

Watched: My students be so goofy. At the end of the day, I was taking each of their pictures for their Mother's Day present and they started hamming up.  I love hanging out with my group of kiddos and I can hardly believe that we only have two more classes left. 

Read: Last week, I picked up and finished The Enchanted: A NovelI picked this book up after a couple women in my book club read it and said that it was a book about a man stuck on death row who used books to escape his walls. While I must say that held true for about 5 pages of the book, the rest was just a horribly sad look at prison life. Everyone was being sexually abused in both the present stories and the back stories. There was plenty of death too. Overall, not at all what I pictured. I wouldn't recommend it.  I also made quite a bit of progress on When Will There Be Good News?. Each characters story line is getting more detailed, but this is how we will find them all connected. 

Listened: I got in the audiobook for 
When Will There Be Good News?. It is weird because when I began reading the book, I "heard" them all in American accents even though the book is set in Great Britian. Once I began listening to the narrator speaking in the correct accent, it's how I hear the characters.  It's amazing what the power of suggestion does!

Made: Homemade Fondue. I found a fondue pot at a garage sale and so we tried making it at home. It was really quite yummy and easy. We didn't have any dipping sauces and I will be trying to make some. I did splurge and buy $29 a pound Filet Mignon and it was soooo good.  I can see this becoming a once a month treat. Much cheaper than the Melting Pot.

Felt: Relief and Sadness all at once. We sold the boat on Saturday. While I am glad we won't have to worry about what to do with it if we happen to move or the floor goes out, it still feels very weird not to have it as an option. I am glad Jack got to drive it one last time.  The picture of him just makes me smile. 

Planned: May Day baskets for some friends. We had a great time delivering them and Jack loved seeing how it made people happy!  He was particularly glad that he never got caught while he was delivering them. 

Loved:  Seeing Jack get so into his roll of Teacher for the Day. He was excited when his teacher donated this item to the PTO to help raise money during the silent auction.  He couldn't take a backpack, didn't think he could go to PE, thought he'd get a lunch break, and wanted to know how much he would get paid. His teacher even made him up his own little badge.  The first one you will see I took at home before he left, early of course because teachers arrive before students, and the second one his teacher sent to me.

Here are the pics for the week:

Nick took a super nice picture for me. ;)

Jack driving the boat one last time. 

I remembered I hadn't taken any pics of our May Day baskets, so I snapped this one while we were waiting at a light. :)

Mr Thomas

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