Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Week in Review (May 25-31)

A Week in Review (May 25-31)

Watched: A TBones game with Jack. He won free tickets through their reading minutes giveaway. It is a great little park to spend the afternoon at. We upgraded our seats from the berm to right behind home plate and only had to pay $11 extra. We spent a fair amount of time just exploring the park. He did enjoy the inflatable baseball tee. I wish KU would get one like that for the HyVee Hawk Zone.  We stayed until the end and were treated to an awesome fireworks show. You were so close to them it was like waiting for hours to get the best spot to a 4th of July show.  If weren't going to be in Wichita, I would totally do a game for fireworks around the 4th!

Read: Not very much of Scarlet( I am enjoying more than Cinder (, but it just hasn't grabbed me enough to make me sit down and devour it. 

Listened: To the sound of the engine as we headed to Las Vegas.  We have done an incredible amount of walking already. We have decided to use the bus system for getting around. We should have taken a bus transfer on our way from the airport, but we didn't really know and so we had to trek about 3/4 a mile with our luggage in 90 degree weather. We went back out that night and had some fun on the old strip. I am overall up about $70.  I am sure to lose that back and more. One Vegas tip, make sure you find comfortable walking shoes for all your outfits. I didn't and man almighty were my feet sore!

Made: Progress with Jack's flowers that he planted with Grandma Teri. He was so excited to see some green poking out of the brown dirt. I think he will be fine if nothing more comes from it. We've been watching them closely. They've almost doubled in size from the first picture. 

Felt: So glad to see Nick when he landed at 11:45pm on Thursday night. Having him gone for so long was hard on everyone. He worked so hard while he was gone that you could just see the exhaustion written all over him. I am glad the bid is submitted and we are just in the waiting process now. 

Planned: To go to WOF, so that Jack could ride the Monsoon for the first time.  This is the first year he has been tall enough and it didn't open until Memorial Day, so we couldn't do it while Grandma Teri was in town.  So we walked clear over there, only to find out it was closed. Well clearly this was unacceptable to Jack, so he just decided to splash around in the kiddie area with his althletic shorts on. No one seemed to mind and he got wet. He had me take a couple pictures. I posted a cute one below. He did have such a good time that we had to make a trip back to OOF the next day!

Loved: Watching Jack play the big brother roll. Our neighbor asked if we could watch their little girl while he mowed his yard. Jack was so thrilled. She was very talkative and Jack enjoyed her just looking at him. I hope he keeps that special space for babies. 

Here are the pics for the week:

A lake or a shadow from the cloud. You make the call...

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