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A Week in Review (May 11-17)

A Week in Review (May 11-17)

Watched: My students do a great job performing Hey Diddle Diddle for our end of the year performance. After the pictures were done, I rushed over to Jack's belt ceremony in time to see him earn his green/blue belt.  This means he has achieved 75% mastery of his green belt curriculum. He has had a great time learning karate and I think it promotes great body control and self awareness. It's been awesome to watch his growth over the year. 

Read: I finished up The Wedding. I think that I must have read it before I had Goodreads to keep track of it for me because the book had a vaguely familiar feeling and I knew the ending dead on. I think the idea of a husband who can change his romantic tendencies appeals to a large number of women. I can see why this was popular among my Goodreads friends.Next, I picked up Cinder . It is supposed to be on the fractured fairy tale line, but I am not seeing it so far.   

Listened: To Nick have to tell Jack time after time to look at the camera when we were trying to update a good pic of the three of us. I really love the shots Nick got. Plus, we had a ton of fun goofing off at Hillsdale lake. Nick caught me with a huge splash that soaked my pant leg and gave us all a good laugh.
Made: Lots of yummy treats on Wednesday. I made Banana Bread muffins with icing and gooey peanut butter bars for a Teacher Appreciation lunch. I also made a couple dozen sugar cookies for my students last day treat.  I also took icing and sprinkles so they could decorate how they wanted.  I also took some Neapolitan ice cream for them and some of them added sprinkles to that too.

Felt: So excited that my Mom was coming to town. We are very excited to share in the every day events in our lives that she doesn't often get to see because we live too far apart.  While she is going to be here 5 days, I think we have enough crammed in that it will go by in the blink of an eye. I felt very thankful that I mentioned my plans to a husband of a Garmin employee though. We were planning to go WOF on Sunday, but the park is closed down due to the annual Garmin event out there. It would have been such a bummer to drive all that way for nothing. It would have felt like the end of the movie Vacation. 

Planned: On being hot at Jack's field day on Thursday, but Mother Nature had other plans. When I woke up it was 47 with a high of 57 for the day.  Since we had bought matching field day shirts, we just put on long sleeves underneath and went out.  I worked the slide bouncy house.  I only got to see Jack about 10 minutes, but I know it takes good parent volunteers to pull off a big event and I was glad to do my part.

Loved: Being spoiled on Mother's Day. My boys slept in so I started the morning off with some Parenthood and laundry. When they were up, Jack just couldn't wait to show me my gifts. He made a clay wind chime at school for me. He and Nick also printed a card for me and Jack wrote inside it.  Then they gave me my big gift. An iPad mini with a data package all ensconced in a LifeProof case. I tried it  in the shower while the boys prepared some fondue for me. It was delicious once again.  It had the added bonus of making a great leftover dinner for Jack and I while Nick was out of town!  We ended the day playing a game of Payday.     It was a great day!

Here are the pics for the week:

A little giggle at the domain name the Mission Repair guy used for Nick's email. 

Jack coming off the slide I worked at his Field Day. 

My kiddos

Some of my favorite shots

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