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A Week in Review (May 4-10)

A Week in Review (May 4-10)

Watched: Too much Parenthood. My MIL has been telling me for years to watch this series and I can see why she enjoys it so much. Thanks to Amazon Prime and Nick being out of town, I stay up far too late watching episodes. I've already made it through the first season. There are 5 seasons so I might get through it all by the time Nick is done with this design build. I have a feeling the summer will make most TV watching come to a halt. 

Read: Not as much as normal. It happens when I get involved in a TV show. I did finish up When Will There Be Good News? (Jackson Brodie, #3)This is the second Kate Atkinson book that I read. I started off with Started Early, Took My Dog, which is the fourth book in Jackson Brodie series. My son picked this one off the shelf because he has a crush on a girl named Kate and I asked him to pick a book off my shelf for me. I enjoyed this story line. It jumped between characters without a lot of transition which took some time to get used to. As with the first book I read, she took all the seemingly unconnected story lines and wrapped them up into one nice package. If you would like a fun little mystery, I suggest giving this one a shot.  I found The Wedding last week at a garage sale and decided to start it because I thought it would be nice and fluffy. It starts off pretty sad so far. I am sure it will pick up and I will finish it up next week. 

Listened:  Jack figure out that he has enough energy to go up the escalators while it was going down.  He found it ultra entertaining.  We actually missed Nick getting off his plane because he didn't want to stop.  :)  I don't know what I will do when he isn't entertained by the simple things in life.  It's one of my favorite things about being a mom!

Made: It up over a skyscraper of steps, according to my fit bit. It said that I walked a total of 60 flights of stairs on Thursday. We were mostly at the zoo and it didn't feel like a ton of stairs, but it was pretty intense. I didn't take many pictures as I was in a charge of a runner and the zoo was soo crowded that I was positive that I was going to lose him. Luckily the worst thing that happen is that he took the water bottle out of a fellow moms bag and was drinking it after his ran out. In his defense it was like 90 and I would have liked to have unlimited water too!

Felt: Horrible for Nick. He was kicked off his Delta flight for mentioning that the plane was too small. He may have used the f word when getting on the plane in reference to its size.  Apparently the flight attend asked him if he was okay and he said he would be fine.  Later she asked him again if he was okay and he said he was fine.  He was then called up to the cabin and told that he was "too nervous" for the flight.  He says he will get a full refund of his ticket price.  Luckily Southwest had a ticket on their final flight to Salt Lake City.  The customer service is so much better with Southwest. It would be stellar if they had a direct flight between MCI and SLC, but alas, he is stuck with Delta for the remainder of his flights.

Planned: For Jack to have his friend J over for a Minecraft play date. What I didn't plan for is that when we went to get him C would assume he was coming with us, say bye Mom, and be severely disappointed when that didn't work out. Luckily, I think we will be able take him Monday for a couple hours to ease my guilt. I am so glad my boy is bonded with those crazy kiddos.

Loved: Our Saturday. It started with Jack waking up and asking me to read him a great children's book 
.  After that I took the time to watch two episodes of a show he is currently enjoying, Lab Rats. Then I snuck out and went to a few garage sales.  Found a couple good deals for friends of mine.  Came home and took Jack to his double header football game. He had two sets of visitors  because his Aunt Valerie and Uncle Chewy were in town for the Nascar race they took the time to drive out to his first match. Also his Aunt Debbie and Uncle Kevin drove up for the other too. The boys were doing some fun jumping off the benches that she captured and I posted below.  After the game Jack asked them back over for games. While Debbie and I ran for OK Joe's, the boys played some darts. After lunch, there was a game of monopoly on the Wii, which is just like real monopoly only electronic.  Uncle Kevin went out first, followed by Jack, and Aunt Debbie ended up winning it all. She was pretty excited and also snapped a couple shots of Nick, post defeat.  They headed home and I went and bought a new clock I love off Swap and Shop. :) When I got back the bosh were out shopping for Mother's Day. I watched an episode of Parenthood and then we played 6 months of Payday.  Nick did end up winning that game and I got dead last.  Jack was so exhausted, he fell asleep while we were reading books!

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack takes good care of filling up the bird bath that I found a garage sale. I was so excited to see one using it that I had to snap a picture for him.

Five Kindergarten boys and one 2 year old squished in an egg. 

The Jack Show featuring the amazing escalators trick

Team Jump Pictures

My new clock

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