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A Week in Review (April 20-26)

A Week in Review (April 20-26)

Watched: My friend Laurie recommend that I watch the triology Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight.  If you haven't watched them, the premise is that you meet a couple every 9 years from their mid 20s to their early 40s. If you like movies with HEAVY dialogue, then I would recommend picking them up.  Nick watched the last one and he was not a fan. 

Read: I started up When Will There Be Good News?.  I wasn't sure what book to read net off my list and Jack selected this out of my pile for me because the author's first name is Kate. It is fairly good, but I haven't spent much time reading this week because I been watching the movies. 

Listened: Since I don't have an audiobook, I have been just jamming out to Fun. album Some Nights. It is just a feel good CD and I don't mind listening to most of the lyrics with Jack. He even knows the words to some of the songs.  If you are looking for a good spring album to clean too, take a listen. 

Made: It through another long week of Nick being gone. He had to extend his trip again, while he was in SLC. At least this time, he thought to pack an extra pair of clothes. Jack and I get in a good rhythm, but we miss him. I am thankful for his practices to help break up the together time.

Felt: So excited. My girlfriend announced that they are expecting their 4th kiddo. It is a busy time in her life, but she makes a great mom. I love getting to celebrate new life. My Bunco group will have several new babies coming up.  Baby sprinkles have not been successful Bunco nights, but we will keep trying. 

Planned: For Jack to miss the Lego contest that the library was holding because we were tenth on the waiting list, but Thursday afternoon we got a call that a spot had opened up. We were excited to for him to be able to participate. He spent Friday evening creating a piece entitled Party Castle. He made a dance floor and positioned all sorts of mini figures in fun ways. It was very popular with the kids who are huge mini figure fans as well, but the judges didn't see it the same way. He was bummed he didn't win, but I think he got over it. 

Loved: Celebrating Easter.  Jack had around 48 plastic eggs, a giant rainbow egg, a dozen confetti eggs, and a dozen real eggs to hunt. We found almost all of them. He was very excited because the Easter Bunny left him a set that contained the Golden Ninja.  He actually took the time to assemble to the Ultra Dragon and played with it for a lot of the week. After a yummy dinner, we went out to Hillsdale and just explored. We had so much fun. Nick found a cool limestone stairway in the water. We skipped a ton of rocks and Jack "scaled" a few rocks.  We were the only people on the beach. It was a great way to spend a Sunday!

Here are the pics for the week:
What do you think of the hairstyle?  Cute or not?  He took a picture so he could show it to Kate when she came for their play date, but we forgot, so we will take your opinions. 

An egg in the tree

Jack and his rainbow egg

Confetti eggs 

The Limestone Stairway

Love, love this pictur from half time of their game!

Jack and his Party Castle

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