Sunday, 25 August 2013

Week in Review (August 18-24)

Week in Review: August 18-24

Watched:  Jack have a blast messing around in the stream of Lake Olathe. This inspired us so much that we went to Hillsdale Lake, which was much warmer than I would have thought. Also, the water was extremely shallow and Jack could walk out about 100 yards before getting up to his chin. We played in the with rocks, did some high water throws, played with a huge piece of driftwood, and felt the mud squish below our toes.

Read:  With the library's due date looming over me, I finally pushed through and finished 
Children of the Jacaranda Tree. This book did nothing for me. There were too many characters told in a disjointed fashion. I was thinking that this book would move me to tears thinking about the liberty that we have in the US and how fortunate we are to have such a place to speak our mind. Instead, I was left with a bunch of half stories that left me feeling wholly unsatisfied. Not a book I would recommend.  I also began The Shining Girls and I am loving that. Sadly, I have went to bed so exhausted this week that I didn't get very far, but I am loving it.

Listened:  Since I am going back and forth to work so much these next couple weeks, I am sure I will make good progress on my new audiobook,.  I first saw this author when she appeared on The Daily Show. Her voices annoys me a bit, but she gets all of the perfect inflections to tell her stories, so I am adapting to it.

Made: A new recipe from Pinterest because I wanted to use up this chicken that had been in our freezer. It was a crockpot meal so it had been smelling wonderful all day. So at close to dinner time when I sample it, I am sadden to learn that chicken had gotten that freezer burnt taste and was not edible!  So, we turned off the crockpot and went out to eat. When I was cleaning up the kitchen, I decided to give it the chicken to Barley. He was in hog heaven!  So while we didn't eat the food, it didn't go to waste!

Felt:  Busy. This week had a lot of work functions that I had to be at and lots of things I needed to wrap up for work at home. Jack also needs to be on a much more tight schedule and so it has been interesting to get it all in and working.  I've been waking up early to have my downtime.  Less sleep, but I think the time I spend relaxing is necessary for my brain!

Planned: On doing something fun for Nick's birthday, but then life just got in the way!  He is such an awesome husband and dad that I really think he deserves a special day to know how wonderful we think he is.  So while we didn't do much out of the ordinary, I hope he enjoyed just chilling with us.  I know that we enjoyed it!

Loved: Snuggles. I know as Jack gets older the snuggles will stop, so I try to remember to thoroughly enjoy these moments. Like Monday, when I had been up and moving early, he woke up and came to find me-- just to curl up in my arms and fall asleep.  I love just staring at his face while he is lost in sleep. There is no more peaceful way to start a hectic week.

Here are the pics for the week:

Here Jack channels the Virgin Mary at Christmas look.  Well, she most likely wasn't ever topless, but you get the drift. 

Jack in the stream. It was a lot of fun!

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