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A Week in Review (August 11-17)

A Week in Review (August 11-17)

Watched: Jack sink two hole in one putts to win us two free mini golf games from Cool Crest. We have been reading a Curious George book about mini golf and we decided that would be a fun way to spend one of our last summer days. He had several hole in one putts!  It was a great time.

Read:  I finished up Fly Away.  I really enjoyed this story about redemption and forgiveness. I know that some people did not enjoy the back and forth, but I thought it was a good segue between this andFirefly Lane. I cried like a baby at the end of the book. It just made me so sad for when the time comes that I have to say goodbye to my mother. This book just made me want to reach out and hug all those people important to me. Great follow up book! I enjoyed it more :)  Didn't make much progress on my other two books. Back to school always slows the reading pace way down.

Listened: To Jack ask almost all of the KU players to write To Jack along with their autograph. It was interesting to see the different players reactions.  Most were very good with the younger set. Jake Heaps, who should be this year's starting QB, wrote his name huge up in the corner and was very talkative. Another player said he was going to call him Big Jack and addressed it as such.  Hoping to have more than a 1 win season this year!

Made: A Happy 1st Day of Kindergarten goodie bag. It had a crystal making kit from the dollar store, a bigger bouncy ball with a light inside, a bunch of hair ties (so hopefully he will stop picking up the random ones he finds!), a pack of gum, and some hugs. He loved it all and I was happy to help him celebrate his special day.

Felt: Glad to have our entertainment back. With Nick having limited mobility, we really missed having Jack around to provide the energy in the house. He has been great about Nick's knee, even getting down and helping him do his exercises.

Planned: On Nick being able to drive himself by the end of the week, but he still isn't comfortable doing that. He had his staples removed on Friday.  Right now, he is paranoid about still splitting his wound open by putting to much pressure on it. He is looking forward to showering without being all covered up on his leg, but he has to wait until Sunday morning for that!

Loved:  Watching Jack start his official school career with such ease.  He had no jitters at all. By the 2nd day, he was fine walking himself in and back to his classroom. Having done his last two years at a public school, I think the hustle and the bustle just feels normal. All last year, he wanted to walk himself in and now that he gets to, he feels very proud.

Here are the pics for the week:

Leg Lifts

Jack's First Hole in One!

Jack's First Day of School

Jack and Jake Heaps

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