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A Week in Review (June 30-July 6)

A Week in Review (June 30-July 6)

Watched: Some old movies.  I was in the mood for a good romantic comedy so I rented 27 Dresses.  When I was there I also picked up Lethal Weapon (the only one we haven't watched yet), Hitch (the girl Kevin James falls for really remind me of my SIL, Jess) and Trading Places (Seeing Jamie Lee Curtis go from an actress who plays a hooker to a children's book author must have been quite the jump for some people)

Read: Not a whole lot this week.  Most nights we watched a movie or I was so exhausted by the time that I went to bed that I only got a few pages in my book.  I did start one new book, Beautiful Ruins.  I think that I will really enjoy it once I have time to sink my teeth into a bit more.

Listened: A lot of Fun. on CD.  It is a pretty good for our family.  It's got upbeat lyrics, only a minor amount of curse words, and Jack and I both like to sing along to it.  Since he didn't sleep for very much of our return trip from my Mom's, we sang a long quite a bit.

Made: It home in record time :)  We only stopped twice along the entire 600 mile trip.  Once for gas and snacks and another for a poop break (or we might not have stopped twice!).

Felt: Sad that we had to cancel our trip to the ocean, but I want Nick to be able to enjoy it, and it just wouldn't be happening.  We lost our deposit, but the lady was nice enough to put it on account so that we could use it as a deposit for a future stay.  I am hoping we will have a chance to get down there next year!

Planned: On getting my husband quicker answers that he had planned for himself.  I was walking a fine line between not trying to let him handle it since I had not seen the injury and my desire to know just how bad this injury was.  I know that Nick is not the over dramatic type, so the fact that he had himself driven to the ER and had taken several days off work let me know he was pretty worried about it.  I wanted quicker answers so I tried calling other Ortho doctors in the area.  Apparently these people are extremely hard to get into.  I don't know what they wouldnt leave a couple slots a day open for New Patients.  When I talked to a very friendly lady, she suggested that we go the route of getting a regular doctor to order an MRI so that we could know the severity of the injury.   After a bit of persisitence on my end, we were able to get an MRI completed and the results back on Friday afternoon.  It was then we learned that not only did he have a complete tear of ACL, he also had a stress fracture somewhere.  So for now, we are on hold, while we wait for an Ortho appoint on this upcoming Tuesday.

Loved: Spending the 4th with our neighbors.  Everyone has helped take good care of Nick and so we all set around outside and talked while the kid's play.  We had some good laughs and general tried to focus on the good fortune that we have rather than the injury that has befallen us.

Here are the pics for the week:
A photo of almost all my favorite people. Tio and Aunt Jess are going to explore Australia for several months so we wish them luck and were glad they could spend so much time with us on our trip. 

A beautiful sunrise.  I tried to enjoy it since I knew its final outcome was going to mean Jack was going to be awake. 

A picture of Gimpy in his knee brace. 

The boys recovery from the long day with their mutual ice packs.

Jack had his friend Ava stay the night. We played a few games before heading to bed. As you can see, we were lucky enough for Dora to join us too.

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