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A Week in Review (June 23-29)

A Week in Review (June 23-29)

Watched: Jack complete his swimming lessons from McCracken's.  I was really pleased with these swim lessons. They seemed to use language that they helped him.  I also think something just clicked in Jack's brain and made floating easier.  Also, have the entire pool area be three feet was goo because he confident if something went wrong, he could just put his feet down.

Read:  I was able to finish up a couple of my books.  The first one was Cinnamon and Gunpowder.  I enjoyed this story, but it took me a while to get into it.  If you are a fan of culinary language, this book would be perfect for you.  A decent book about a Lady Pirate too.  I also wrapped up Requiem (Delirium, #3).  This book really can't be the final installment in the series. It just ended to abruptly. I don't mind a bit of wondering about the conclusion, but this entire ending left me so unsatisfied that I would not recommend the series to anyone.

Listened:  I listened a bit to Requiem, but overall I didn't listen too much.  I did hear the timeless questions, "Are we there yet?".  He likes to me to calculate our final distance in hours, minutes, and sometimes seconds.

Made: Too many plans!  Nick and I had date nights on Monday and Tuesday night and then we spent the day at Ocean of Fun on Wednesday.  Thursday, I tried to do laundry, make food for Bunco, prep for leaving for our trip to Alliance, take Jack and his friend to the pool, and play Bunco.  It was kind of a busy week.

Felt: Thankful that fireworks are legal in Alliance.  Jack really enjoyed getting them to light them off with his Tio.  He also got to see what stupid things 20 somethings can think to do with Roman Candles.  I think his favorites were Roman Candles, Green Spinners that shot into the air, or Ground Bloomers.  He also learned to distinguish between night and day fireworks.

Planned: On making a Cherry Cheesecake Dip for Bunco.  Well I read the directions once and thought I had committed to memory.  Apparently, I had combined a couple of the ingredients from two recipes and had to improvise a bit.  It was, in the end, extremely yummy.  I was sad that I went out of town and didnt get to eat more.  However, I was glad that I was able to share it with our neighbors so that the leftovers didn't go to waste!  What I did was made one package of cheesecake pudding according to the 5 minute set directions.  I then folded in one tub of Cool Whip.  A quick taste test revealed that it just tasted like Cool Whip still.  So I ran to the store and bought another package of the pudding.  I added it to the mixture (without adding any more milk) and it was perfect.  I poured the mixture into an 8 x 8 pan and let it sit for about an hour.  Then I topped it off with one can of cherry pie filling.  I served it with some graham crackers sticks.  Yummy goodness!

Loved: My child's unique sense of style.  He always puts together the funniest combinations of his superhero costumes.  It makes people smile when they see him smile in the store.  I don't know how long he will like to put these together, but I will enjoy his combos for now.

Here are the pics for the week:

Little did we know that Evan had gotten into the pool with his phone in his pocket.     Miraculously it worked again.  Crazy considering it was submerged for probably 20 minutes. 

Poppa showed up with a surprise for Grandma. He upgraded her from the pool you see above to a 16' by 48" pool. Considering it had to be filled with well water, it was pretty much freezing the entire time we were there. Jack still got in a few times.  I never did brave it. 

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