Sunday, 7 July 2013

Why You Could Carry a Pirate's Hat in Your Purse

More than a year ago, I made my friends blog.  You can read it HERE.

In it, she questions why I would carry a pirate's hat in my purse.  Below are the top 5 reasons why I might have had it.

5.  Your son took it on a play date to his friend's house and forgot it there.  The first time you see their mom is at Bunco, so she returns the hat to you and you put it in your purse.

4.  Your work has theme dress up days.  You often forget these events and people think you are a party-pooper when you don't participate.  To be on the safe side, you decide to stuff a pirate's hat in your purse so you are prepared for the next time.

3.  You are trying to win a contest to star in a bit role in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The rules state at any time a producer may approach you and ask to see your hat.  If you can't produce it instantly, you are out of the contest.

2. It was dress up like a book character and so you chose the Pirate Captain from David Shannon's How I Became A Pirate, and you rushed to Bunco and just tossed it in your purse so your fellow Bunco gals didn't think you were a "Crazy Head".

1.  You truly are a Lady Pirate who captains her own ship. You just use your life as a suburban housewife as a clever rouse. Your "husband" is actually a slave whom your captured on one of your many pilferages.  You had to remind him who was boss just before you left the house for Bunco. It wasn't until your arrived that you realized the hat was still on your head, so you quickly stuffed it into your purse. When your Bunco gals notice, you pull it out and laugh it off as a joke so that your disguise isn't blown to pieces. 

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