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A Week in Review (May 19-25)

A Week in Review (May 19-25)

Watched:  My little man have a blast at his field day put on by his PE teacher.  They had so many fun games that I have put into my bank for later.  I also appreciated getting soaked by all the kiddos during the water ball fight.  It was a crowd favorite both during his 2012 Field Day and this years.  I think most of the kids remembered.  Nick had a dental emergency, so he had to leave just as this event was starting, so it really worked out perfect for everyone.  Jack got to throw one at his dad, and Nick didn't have to endure the torture of being soaked.  He did have to endure the dental chair, so I don't think he was much happier.

Read:  I finished up The Host (The Host, #1).  I stand by my comment earlier that this would be a more popular read if people didn't know it was written by the same author as Twilight.  There were similar elements, but love triangles are pretty common in writing.  I think this book is a fun sci-fi-ish read and would recommend it to a wide variety of readers.  I will definitely read the follow up.

Listened:  I took a break from audiobooks this week and listened to the two Fun. albums that I had asked my brother to burn for me.  While I think almost everyone has heard "We are Young", they probably haven't heard many of the other songs which are all quite fun to listen too.  Both the albums are available are on Spotify if you would like to check them out.  The Gambler is probably my favorite, but I am partial since that is the song that my brother and his wife chose to put on their slideshow that I made them for their wedding.

Made: It through the school year.  I am so glad that I chose to go on this journey with them.  Their parents all had very kind things to say about my time with their children.  Our final day of Water Day ended up being pretty chilly, but I think overall everyone had fun for the most part.  I hope they all have continued success as they continue on in their school careers!

Felt:  Kind of sad that I will never be the mother of a preschooler again. It is my area of expertise and I enjoyed sharing my ideas with his teachers.  I am looking forward to the next chapter of his life.  I know that I will become super involved with the PTO and I hope that he meets people who will become life long friends.

Planned: To get myself a new grooming brush.  When I picked up Barley from his grooming appointment on Thursday, I was able to see them using a tool on him that I had never seen it.  It is called the Zoom Groom.  It is basically just a silicone shaped dog with nubs underneath it.  However, it pulls out his undercoat like a champ without making me feel like I am irritating his skin.  They even make one for cats.  HERE is link to the Petco page talking about them.

Loved:  That my mom made into town for the start of an almost week long visit.  Hence why this post is so late!  We had a blast taking her DeAnna Rose and acting like tourists rather than normal patrons. They didn't have any pins in her hometown, so the next time we go back, we will have to see if it is up there now.  I think Jack will be pretty excited if the pin is there.

Here are the pics for the week:

The Statue of Liberity Game--They had to fill the plunger up with water from the cup, then carry it over their head back to a five gallon bucket. Which ever team had the most water was the winner. 

They also did a jump the rope game. Timeless classic!

They ended the day with a sweet treat. 

Here is his on his final day with his teacher and two aides. 

I also convinced Nick that he should get passes to Worlds of Fun with us and we had our first trip on Thursday. 

Last our DeAnna Rose Pics

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