Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Week in Review (May 12-18)

A Week in Review (May 12-18)

Watched: A circus. It was way too hot in the building, but the kids had a good time. I enjoyed it enough to see myself going back every couple years.  Because it was held inside a gym, it was very intimate   They did pony rides and Jack rode an elephant, but I didn't get a good shot of that. 

Read:  I finished up Water for Elephants.  I have had this on my To Be Read list for quite some time, but I hadn't heard much about the book, except that most people liked it and that had been turned into a movie. Plus, I also the way that the cover looked.   I thought the characters were extremely well developed. I was really drawn into the story by my emotional connection to the characters. I liked the way the story was told by 23 year old Jacob and 90/93 Jacob.  If you are looking for a book about circus living and determination, I think that this is great book for you.

Listened:  I'm just still plugging away on my audiobooks.  Since I finished up , I am now able to focus on 
The Host (The Host, #1). I am hoping to finish up this upcoming week.  A lot of people compare it to her famous Twilight series, and while I think it as some obvious correlations, I would bet that most people could read the book and have no idea that they were the same author.  I also believe that most people would enjoy the book more if they didn't know who the author was.

Made: it through a long week, 3 days of which Nick was out of town. Jack and I had our moments with each other, but we both survived unscathed. We also had a few fun moments using up our mini golf groupons.

Felt:  Proud of Jack. He earned his yellow belt in karate this week. He thinks that he is going all the way to a black belt. He enjoys his time at class and we will keep him going as long as he enjoys it.  We were hoping for a class in the summer, but they decided that the there were not enough students to warrant a class. 

Planned: A fun week for my kiddos.  We made a darling video that I was able to upload for parents and I think they really enjoyed it. We also read Little Bunny Foo Foo, which was such a big hit we had to re-read each day we met.

Loved: My Mother's Day gifts. Jack made me some fun things at preschool and Nick did a bunch of honey-do stuff. They took me out to Mongolian BBQ and made grilled fished. Yummy!  They also bought me tickets to Buzz Under the Stars, Night 2. My favorite band The Killers will be playing!  Looking forward to jamming out :)

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack raising his yellow belt after his year end performance. 

He had to put it on right away. 

Next we had his field day that is put on my the Early Childhood Center behind his school. 

Notice the seahorse is backward. I think he was using it like a broom. Haha
A pic of the artwork that was hanging in the hall. 

Pics from the circus:

We also got to play with Aunt Valerie and had a surprise visit from Aunt Debbie and Uncle Kevin(but I failed to get a pic!  Not sure what I was thinking)

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