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A Week in Review (May 5-11)

A Week in Review (May 5-11)

Watched:  Two movies with hubby.   Fishing hasn't been treating him well, so he thought taking a few days break would be good.  We watched both Ted and This is 40.  While I thought both of them had their funny moments, I wouldn't really suggest them to very man people. Ted is pretty vulgar and This is 40 says that spend you a lot of that time envisioning how you would kill your spouse and generally being upset with them.  I am lucky, that although 6 years away from that, that isn't how Nick and I live!

Read:  I blew through the book WonderThis book was chosen by the Bitch of Month in my reading group. It is a juvenile lit book, but still has a great message for adults. Sadly, it seems that I run into more of the Julian's of the world and less the Summer's. I think that this book may quickly becoming a common part of the upper elementary reading list.  I also made good progress on Water for Elephants and The Host (The Host, #1). Hopefully I will have one of them finished and ready for review next week!

Listened:  To help myself get through two books mentioned above, I have them both as audiobooks.  I listen to one disc from one novel and then switch in to the other novel and listen for a disc.  I got about two whole discs listened to during my Saturday garage sale trip/errands.

Made: Nick finally help me hang the pictures that we took down for painting in February!  I had really wanted to use 3M strips to hang them so that I could easily change spots on the wall without having to worry about any holes.  Well, let me tell you.  Two broken frames later, I am sure that a house that keeps their windows open in the Spring (hence getting higher humidity) and satin painted walls to do NOT make a good combination.  So everything is hung with the traditional hangers and I just need to replace a couple broken frames.

Felt:  Like an idiot.  I got a ticket for texting and driving.  I was actually only reading a text, but it didn't seem to matter.  Just so you know, in Olathe that fine is $130.  Ouch!  Not exactly how I liked to end my day, but...

Planned:  On being busy for the next couple of weeks, but then things got stepped up a notch when Nick got the information that he would having to be making a last minute trip out to San Diego.  He will be gone for three full days!  I have started some big lists because writing it all done helps me function much better.

Loved:  There was a lot I loved this week.  I loved that we were able to purchase a starter motorcycle for Nick. He had been looking at them for a while and we found a great deal one and he went ahead with it.  It's a pretty weak one so I know there is no chance of him deciding to go crazy fast on it.  I do worry about the other drivers.  I was able to help him get a couple things to go with it cheaply so that was pretty exciting for me too.  I loved the nice weather we have been having.  Yesterday, while we were waiting for Jack to finish playing with his friends, Nick decided he would cut off this dead branch on our tree out front that has been bugging me.  Well since he had the ladder and saw out, I asked him to cut down a couple more dead pieces that I found upon investigation.  It ended up being a bigger project than I think he was hoping for!  However, he cut and bundled them all without complaint!  I also love that Blogger updates their app so I can caption photos :)

Here are the pics for the week:  Jack requested that I take this pic and send it to his friend who lives behind us. Apparently they had some sort of convo about how fancy he looked!  Too cute!

Nick on his new toy!

The pile of branches that Nick cut and bundled.  I didn't realize there was that much dead wood in the tree. 

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