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A Week in Review (Feb 24 -March 2)

A Week in Review (Feb 24 -March 2)

Watched:  I got all caught up on my Days of our Lives and even got the first three episodes of Smash.  I am so glad that it is back on.  It's my little dose of musical theater in a 40 minute episode :)

Read: I finished up Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness.  It was a very interesting look at the author's journey through her madness.  She did an excellent job of researching her experiences using doctors' notes and the sane people who experienced this with her.  I started the Life of Pi.  It is really dragging for me right now.  I just haven't been in a mood to read it either.  I think it's just too much in combination with Foundation (Foundation, #1).

Listened: Not much.  We ended up with two snow days in the middle of the week and that meant that we had to park Nick's truck in the driveway and a mountain of snow was piled up where his truck usually goes. Therefore, if I ever went out on my own, it was in his truck without access to my audiobook.  However, after being stuck inside for so much of the time lately, I actually enjoyed the sound of silence.

Made: a mistake.  I don't admit to these very often.  But Thursday, I got a text from Nick saying that Jack wasn't on the list for his swimming class.  I was surprised at this because I had gotten an email confirmation and had gotten the two notices about cancelled classes due to snow.  Turns out that I had Nick take him to the session that I had hoped he would get it into, but wasn't able to because he couldn't float.  Oops!  He got so much out of the class that I am really bummed he won't be continuing. My hope is that he will learn to float this class so that he can move his skills forward.

Felt: Frustrated about my new crown.  When I went in to get my permanent crown seated, it did not fit the way that the dentist would like.  Now, I am glad that she chose to send it back because if doesn't want it in her mouth, I am glad she didn't put it in mine.  They had to put a new temporary on which I have trouble keeping on.  When I woke up at 4 o'clock on Friday morning, I realized that not only had the crown popped off, but so had the entire build up.  This resulted in an emergency two hour trip on Friday.  Luckily it was tight enough fit on the sides that I was able to use some toothpaste to hold it in spot while I went about my morning errand in the planned section.  I now have a different build up style and temporary on it.  I also have what my dentist called stoppers.  She did to huge build ups on my molars so that only those two teeth can touch which will stop some of the grinding action which she felt that may have been helping pop off the temp.  It's been a unique feeling to get used too, but the temp is still on so that's good!

Planned: For my little boy to enter Kindergarten!  It doesn't seem time already, but we went to Kindergarten Round Up Friday morning.  I think that we are both really going to enjoy his first official school experience.  The teachers seemed very welcoming.  We celebrated by going out for donuts, which Jack had been asking to do for quite sometime!

Loved:  Getting out for Bunco with my gals!  It was so nice to have adult conversation where no one was  needing me to take care of them. :)  I even went out for a drink with two of the ladies afterward.  They always remind me that everyone has their own story and issues and you shouldn't judge by the way things look on the outside!

Here are pics for the week.  One is of us with our Monday visitor, Callum.  We love when we get to play big brother and aunt.  Also, there are several pics of Jack playing Daniel LaRusso from Karate Kid.  He did the tape job himself.  There is one of me in my beard that Jack made for me :)  There are two from his first swim lesson.  The booty shake shot is what I got when I asked him to show me how the trunks fit so I could take a picture for Grandma Teri.  He's been about the booty shake lately! The last one is picture of Jack eating his donut after Kindergarten round up.

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