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A Week in Review (March 3-9)

A Week in Review (March 3-9)

Watched: The Jayhawks win one and lose one. Even though, they should have beaten Baylor, we still are considered Big 12 Champs. This one is tainted more than the other ones we share because we are sharing it with K-State, but what are you going to do?

Read: I finished up Foundation (Foundation, #1). It was not a book for me at all! I only gave it two stars out of five. Nick was so disappointed. While I thought that there were some decent points for discussions, the overall delivery just didn't connect with me. Life of Pi seemed to pick up a bit more after I finished, but it still hasn't grabbed me. People say it gets better after Chapter 36. I feel it's a book that I have to finish since so many people have loved it. I am going to have to pay a fine at the library because I know I won't have it back on time and it has too many holds on it not to finish it before I return it.

Listened: I started listening to a A Long, Long Sleep. I am listening every second that I don't have kids in the car. It's much more my kind of sci-fi. I'll be interested to see how it wraps up.

Made: A friend's life a little easier.  She went out of town on business and so I helped her with the transportation of her little guy to and from the sitter.  It wasn't too much harder on me and I know that it made a big difference to her!  I always find it funny how it seems like one week has things for everyone to do.  We had three evening events with karate and swimming lessons and her husband had things going on two nights that week and she was out of town.  While I felt that we were a bit more hurried than normal, I knew that it was only very short term because all of our activities are short lived! :) It makes me wonder how parents of multiple children in activities do it.  You'd really feel like a taxi cab driver who must major in logistics!

Felt: Embarrassed for my generation of parents.  We received a magazine at work that had class rings for graduating for Preschool, Kindergarten, or Daycare.  I kid you not!  What does this say about us as parents?  How is there a market for something like this?  I really wanted to call the company and ask about how many had purchased them, so that I could give you that information too.  At the bottom, you will see a picture, so you can see these are not trinkety style rings, but something resembling the high school class rings.

Planned: To take our family the see the new movie Oz on Sunday. Jack is very excited to see it. My mom was nice and sent us an AMC gift card for Valentines, so we will only have to pay for concessions, which Jack is super excited about too! I will give you a review in next week's update.

Loved: Watching Jack get his Easter pictures taken.  I found a photographer through one of my swap sites that was offering a 30 minute session with live animals for $35.  Not only did you get the experience of loving up on the little guys for that long, but you also got the CD of images for the price.  I thought I really couldn't go wrong.  She posted a sneak peak and I thought they were darling.  They are some reflections of the his personality.You can click this link to be taking to the preview:  Jack's Easter Sneak Peek

Our pics for the week.  The first is of the sweet boy that we got to help transport.  Come on, you just can't get a cuter face than that can you?  I love how the tiniest things delight the little guys!  Next, Jack is showing off his super human strength before the Easter photographer got there.  He felt so proud being able to lift such a large branch.  I didn't have a chance to tell you about it above, but Jack has really gotten into darts lately.  We play 301 usually.  He's getting pretty good.  He actually managed to smoke us this game.  I was so proud that I had to take a picture.

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