Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Week in Review (March 10-16)

A Week in Review (March 10-16)

Watched:  Our beloved Jayhawks win the Big 12 Tournament Title.  I did not like having that road go through two teams who we had to work hard to beat in the regular season.  However, they did a tremendous job against both Iowa State and KState.  I was a bit disappointed that they gave MVP to Jeff Withey.  While he did a tremendous job, I felt that Perry Ellis was real difference maker for KU.  I am excited to see him coming up as a freshman.

Read:  I finished up Life of Pi.  I would recommend this book to a very select group of people.  I am not sure how it got to be such a popular novel.  If I haven't told you that I would think you would love it, then I don't think you would.

Listened: Mostly, listened to my audio book, Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse, #4).  While I enjoy this series, I almost feel like I need to get myself as long as break as she did in between publishings because that way I am not feeling so frustrated with her repetitiveness.

Made: It through a rather busy week for us.  We had two swimming lessons, a karate lesson, the Big 12 tournament, dentist appointments, chiropractors appointments. I know that this is typical for many families, but something we aren't quite used too.  I am sure as Jack takes on more extra curricular activities we will adjust to this type of life style.

Felt: Relief that I finally have a nice fitting permanent crown on my one of my front teeth.  It was quite an ordeal getting it there and I feel so glad that it is over.  If you have kids, please take them for orthodontic check even if they have straight teeth.  I have learned in my adult life that there is a lot more to braces than straight teeth!

Planned:  Jack's preschool snack week.  He has so much fun thinking of things to share with this friends.  It gets pretty expensive through to feed 14 kids for 5 days.  We sent in homemade pumpkin muffins, string cheese and fruit snacks (BTW--The new Mott's Melody were a big hit and have become Jack's favorite fruit snack), cinnamon teddy grahams, sliced apples, and strawberry jigglers and pretzels.

Loved:  The two nice days of warm weather that we were blessed with.  We took advantage of it and headed toward the park.  Jack loves riding his new bike and so we explored a little further back up the trail. His father pointed out that he could make it down towards the stream and he loved it.  He had so much fun just exploring the nature and splashing around.  It really reminded me of  .  I think that this is a great book, especially for parents for living in an urban areas.

Our pictures for the week include one fun snap shot Jack requested I take of him, one of him breaking into our giant peppermint patty that we got for Christmas, and one him splashing around in the stream.

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