Tuesday, 10 July 2012


We were at Redbox the other day when I saw that they had put the 2002 Spiderman release out. I thought that Jack might like it and so we rented it. He has become absolutely enthralled with it. He purchased himself a mask from the store and Grandma Teri bought him a shirt to help the costume. The next day, he decided that he needed a web shooter. We went Dollar General to find something that would work. While we were there, we found a cool Spiderman folder for his "homework". We also settled on a kite string for his web. He has had a blast building webs. He and Grandma Teri had a blast pretending she was the Green Goblin and he was trapping her in his web. The first pic below is one we built together and the others are of their session together.

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