Monday, 9 July 2012

Never what you expect

Yesterday, Valerie, Angel, Macie, and Austin invited Jack to join them at the Great Wolf Lodge for a day of swimming fun. I thought that this would be ideal because then we could start on our road trip to my mom's and he would be exhausted and would falls asleep early on.

We grabbed dinner from Chick-fil-s and a corndog from QT (I guess all the swimming made him hungry) and we were on our way. I kept thinking that if look back and he's be snoozing. Nope about every 20 minutes he'd pop off his headphones and ask me some Spiderman question. This went on until almost midnight! Of course that means while we got a good chunk of the drive done last night, he was awake for the majority of it.

When I finally convinced him to try sleeping, I gave him a little travel pillow I keep in the car. He looks at it and asks me "Is this a ring pillow?" :)

Here is what I was hoping to see sooner than I did:

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