Monday, 9 July 2012

Family Games

We love games of all sorts. We enjoy watching sporting events, playing sports in our backyard, and playing all sorts of board, dice, and card games. I have always loved games. I remember Saturdays as a kid, my mother, her best friend, and I would each put different games in a hat. We would pull them out and play the day away. We were even playing on December 23, 1989 when she went into labor with my brother. When Mom and Blas moved in, we spent many weekends playing cards. Nick and I spent many days of our relationship playing games all day. We met our friends the Norman's because of our love for games. We have now passed this love onto Jack. Everything is easier if it is a game. He is likely to challenge you to a game of Neighbor if you have some down time with you. Now that we are at my parents we play all sorts of game too. My mom and I love to play cribbage and Jack wants in on the action. He has created his own version that we can easily play with us. He also enjoys playing UNO. Last night, we played our four games and I was kicking tail. Then came the final round. Jack had such a good time attacking me with Draw Fours and Draw Twos. I've put a picture of the scorecard so you can see the devastation for yourself.

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