Thursday, 8 May 2008

The craziness begins

At least for me. Jack and Nick are still doing well. I just have a few million things to do, but I know that it will work out in the in.

Jack is rolling over like crazy now. You almost never find him on his back anymore. He loves to flip over to his stomach and look around.

He loves going garage saling, as long as he isnt in the car seat. He enjoys interacting with all the people and seeing the different sights. I love looking for "new" clothes for him. I have put myself on a 50 cent budget because I have so many clothes for him.

The next time I write, my brother will have graduated high school. I am really looking forward to my week in Nebraska. I know that Gram is loving the idea of it too. Hopefully, we all have a great time.

I will let you know more about it when I return.

1 comment:

Gram said...

Yes her mom ad Jack's Gram are looking forward to seeing the three of them!!!