Friday, 4 April 2008

Jack's a Joker

As most of you know, Nick loves April Fool's Day. He was so busy with work this year that he did not manage to pull one over on me. However, Jack, being the good son that he is, let one go. He hadn't pooped in a couple days and somehow managed to let it all go while sitting on my lap. I didn't realize how many crevices his little body had until I was trying to clean the poo out of them. Not a pleasant surprise before cooking dinner.

Jack is getting closer to rolling over. He has managed to do with some small assistance from the couch. Luckily, it was just rolling closer to the back, but I know it is coming soon.

We just finished watching KU give it to UNC. Jack kept wanting to fall asleep the first half, but Nick and I couldn't be quiet enough for him to get all the way asleep. During a rough part of the game, we were sullen enough that he was able to nurse himself to sleep. He was wearing his Jersey that Grandma Denise got him for Easter, so we will make sure that he will be re-wearing it for the Monday championship game.

I have posted some new pics that I just love of him over on Flickr. I have been wanting to capture his bag fat lip for sometime but never seem to have the camera handy when he is at it. We were trying to take some pictures of him in his jersey and Barley kept getting in the way. When I disciplined Barley, he leapt over (and kinda on) Jack. It scared him and so Nick was able to get the picture. I think it's just so darn cute! I know that's horrible of me, but there's just something about it.

Rock Chalk!

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