Friday, 28 March 2008

Into the Swing of Things?

It is so hard for me to believe that Jack is almost 11 weeks old. I feel like I am getting into the swing of things enough to attempt to write a small blurbs about our life. I am hoping to publish posts on Tuesday, Thursday, and one day a weekend.

We love our "new" life with Jack. He's quite the character already. He got mostly Dad's looks and Mom's personality. We think he might have suffered a bit of colic as nighttime was rough for him. Thank goodness that seems to be wearing off. It is nice that Nick is able to enjoy him, rather than trying to soothe him, after coming home from a long day at work.

Jack has several favorite activities. He is amazed while looking at his infant stimulation cards. He likes it when Nick swings them. He also loves to watch the fan blades spin. He loves bright lights. His favorite toys are bird and dog by Baby Einstein. Not only do they have black and white stomachs, but they also make noise when you squeeze them. He enjoys being read to or having Dad pull him around by his legs on the bed (usually waiting for me to finish up my nighttime "chores"). He likes his swing and his Bobblin Band bouncer. He loves being sung to and having his butt patted. It's a bit hard to accomplish than back patting.

We are getting better at anticipating his needs and wants. But man, does he have a set of lungs on him when he's mad. Things that currently get his goat are car rides and waiting for bottles to warm up.

I've hope you've enjoyed the glimpse into our lives. Look back on Tuesday for more. Until then, Go Hawks!

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