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A Week in Review (March 19-25)

A Week in Review (March 19-25)

Watched: The Jayhawks send my heart soaring with two phenomenal wins over Michigan State and Purdue.  Then they broke it into a million tiny pieces when they just couldn't get it together for a game against Oregon.  It was so ugly.  Every year you forget quite how much you have invested in them, but then they always remind you in the worst possible way.  At least this way we don't have to worry about it when we are on the cruise next week!

Read: I finished up I Liked My Life this week.  As I said last week, this really hit home on so many levels and it got to me while I was reading it. I liked the ending and it wrapped up much quicker than I was expecting it too. Good chic lit read.  I can't say too much about it because I don't want to give it away for anyone else who might choose to read it.  I started another chic lit book this week too.  It is called Maybe in Another Life.  I am really liking it!

Listened: To the wind howl Thursday night and Friday morning.  Along with the high winds, we had about 4-5" of extremely wet snow.  We ended up losing a big chunk of our fence.  Sadly, our landlord doesn't own the fence and therefore we can't just go out and fix it.  It makes it a bit of pain with Nora and even more so because we were planning on her being able to go back there while our neighbors watch her for us.  I am so thankful that they are flexible and easy going people who I know will make the situation work.

Made: Trips to several different stores before settling on what I was going to Jack where for our formal dinner on the cruise.  I ended up sticking him in dress pants, button down, tie, and vest.  I think that it will be fancy enough.  I am hoping he likes trying a wide variety of new food knowing that he always as pizza as a backup.

Felt: Glad that Spring pictures are done.  I was trying to figure out what to dress Jack in for the photos and I decided to just let him go in an outfit that he enjoys so we have an athletic shirt and athletic pants.  It's exactly what he likes to wear on any given day.  I also let him pick the pose and the backdrop that they will use.  I was up working on school photos, so I don't know what they will look like, but I am excited to see them.  I am also thrilled because every student that I needed to grab a photo of for the yearbook was there!  It makes for a busy day, but I am glad that I get to be there.

Planned: On Jack not having in football practice on account of the snow we had Friday morning.  But in true, Coach Chris fashion, practice was on.  He even went so far as to scoop a path on the field so it wasn't all snowy for the boys.  On the first practice, he let them wear their snow pants, but for Saturday's practice which was just as wet, it needed to be normal clothes.  Jack was a muddy mess!  He was so proud of how he looked, he wanted to leave it to show his teacher who was visiting for the Jayhawk game.  I told him, nope, unless he was doing laundry.  He settled for a picture.

Loved: Jack's report card this semester.  He got all A's!  That's really amazing considering writing is a constant struggle for him.  He has come so far under his great teacher and we are extremely proud of his hard work.  He is a great student who enjoys school.  I hope that continues for many years to come.  It will make everyone's life so much easier if it does!

Here are the pics for the week:

Our downed fence :(

My muddy football player!

I got this meme before the game and it made me laugh.  I didn't realize how much Frank Mason's face would resemble that at the end of the game though.

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