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A Week in Review (March 12-18)

A Week in Review (March 12-18)

Watched: All sorts of March Madness. The only time a game wasn't on was when I was at Jack's football practice on Thursday night. I arranged for one of his teammates mom's to pick him up so that I could watch the Friday game uninterrupted. It wasn't as much fun watching it alone, but I was texting lots of people, so that helped a bit. I teared up when Tyler Self hit a three pointer to put us at 100 points.

Read:  I finished up The Murder on the Orient Express before I headed to book club on Sunday.  I really enjoyed this story. The way the book was laid out was really intriguing to me. I loved trying to puzzle together all the evidence. I guessed decently early on and I felt the ending became pretty obvious by the time the "big reveal" happened. If you are a who-done-it fan, I'd recommend picking up this one. I'm hoping the new movie does it justice.  Next, I started The One Man.  I also really enjoyed this World War II story. It made you think about how far you would be willing to go for redemption and the people you love. Excellent for a historical fiction fans and for people who enjoy reading World War II novels.  Next, I started on I Liked My Life.  Its' really hitting home for me since it's about a SAHM who has an only child who doesn't need her as much and a workaholic husband!  I definitely can't wait to see how it turns out.
Listened: To a hilarious story about ASS.  It's the acronym for Attention Seeking Syndrome.  My friend Katie, her twin sister Kelly, and her mom are writing a book about their grandmother and mother respectively.  Apparently she suffers from ASS.  It left me in stitches.  I really hope they are able to successfully get it it published.  I am looking forward to more installments at the book clubs in the future.

Made: Several yearbook pages.  It feels good to have a plan and to be completing the pages.  It's hard to think that just a little over a month from now it will be all done.  We need to sell a lot more of them or we will be hurting, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it!  I know people like to do things last minute and so that just might be the way it goes with this too.

Felt: Glad that Jack could come to school and play soccer with my four year old classes.  He had been wanting to hang out and meeting who I spend my Friday's with.  He had a good time, but was glad to get out of there because he got to hang out with his friend Oliver for the afternoon.  I got him back just in time to ship him off to football practice before the Jayhawk game started.

Planned: All sorts of dinners to eat while Nick was in Salt Lake City. I thought I had done a pretty good job of choosing things we would both like that were quick and easy. Apparently Jack decided that it was a good week for Ramen and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Some battles are worth fighting. I did have him help pick food that he would eat for sure when Nick is out of town next week, so hopefully we won't run into that same problem again..

Loved: That Nick returned from Utah with a bunch of my favorite sweets.  I have not been able to find a great donut in Colorado Springs, so it's always a real treat when he brings them back for me.  He even stopped on his way out of town, so everything was extra fresh.  It's a lot of love to stop at a busy donut store when you have 600 mile trek ahead of you.  He also stopped by Schmidt's and picked me up their mint whoopie pies.  Sooo good!

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack found a bunch a footballs that he owns.  He honestly tried to convince me that he needed more!

Nick accepting an award for
The Point in Salt Lake City.

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