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A Week in Review (January 29-February 4)

A Week in Review (January 29-February 4)

Watched:  I got all caught up to live on Modern Family.  It is such a fun show and I love just getting lost with the Pritchett clan for 30 minute segments.  If you are looking for a show to watch, I would highly recommend starting with that one.

Read: A lot this week.  I made quick order of our next book club selection, I See You.  I thought this was a really clever book. I spent the entire time trying to guess who was behind it all. I thought it was an extremely fast read. I wonder if it will spawn a sequel. I actually preferred this one to the author's first novel, I Let You Go.  I also wrapped up Dark Matter.  What a unique book! For the first 1/4 of the book, I felt utterly lost. I asked Nick, who loves all things science, to explain some things to me because I was sure I was missing something. Shortly there after, the author started mentioning the things he had told me about. I would recommend this book to others just so that I could have people to discuss it with.  Jack and I also wrapped up Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio.  What an absolutely moving and amazing memoir. I felt all of Peg's aches and pains and struggled with her during her journey. I felt taken back to a time when it was just the radio and books to entertain you. When she mentions in the epilogue that she cried for joy when her kids received the polio vaccine, my eyes teared up a bit. I am so thankful to live in a era where vaccines prevent illness that use to impact the population so devastatingly.  I started on Carry On, which almost feels like Harry Potter fan fiction.  Since I read at such a frenetic pace this week and my coming week is pretty full, I am not sure I will have a review for you next week.

Listened: To Jack weigh all the pro's and con's for a friends birthday gift.  He put everything in the cart and got them all side by side and selected one for his friend.  He ended up with a football that his friend seemed to enjoy immensely.  It was pretty neat looking.  Of course, when we were in the Nerf gun aisle, the money he had in his wallet ended up burning a hole in it and he selected a Nerf gun for himself too.  The packaging was the same size as Jack and slightly hilarious to see.  We made him take a picture with it, just for prosperity sake.  

Made: A ridiculously long trip to Sam's Club buying food and supplies for the concession stand for Jack's upcoming wrestling tournament.  The other mother and I had four flat beds full.  10 packs of 40 water bottles and 12 packs of 24 Gatorade bottles, and 8 36 packs of soda was quite a lot in itself not to mention the items for nachos, meatball, subs, candy, etc.  Luckily, her daughter is away at college without her car and we were able to just load it in without having to unload it before the tournament on the 11th.  The poor suspension on the vehicle will really be taking a beating though!  I followed her home for quite some time and had to grab a picture of her low rider and text it to her with the lyrics "All my friends drive a low rider."  Haha

Felt: Disappointed with Jack.  He really just had an off day in sports on Saturday, where I felt like he wasn't really concentrating on the task at hand.  His bracket only had two other wrestlers in it, which is always a bummer.  He ended up with one win and one loss.  The loss is pretty awful and if you have tuned into his other videos you will definitely see what I mean.  You can watch them HERE and HERE.

Planned: For my brother and his wife to arrive late Friday night for a fun-filled weekend with us.  However, they got about 25 miles outside of town and their car ended up giving them trouble and making weird noises.  They decided it was best not to press on since they were travelling so late at night and in lots of areas without cell service.  The next morning they got on the road again and showed up around 4:30.  Jack wasted no time getting right down to the business of playing.  There was a small wrestling match, a lot of Nerf wars, a game of Sequence, a game of Neighbor, and even a dinner at HuHot.  We also spent plenty of time hinting about what they were going to do for his birthday celebration with him.  It is a surprise trip back to the museum he attended on his field trip.

Loved: The way the snow clung to the trees during out last winter weather.  The weather was really warm early in the week and then a storm rolled in late Wednesday night.  It didn't bring more than 1/2 of snow, but the way it just clung to the trees was so beautiful.  I tried to take an artsy picture of our evergreen because it was just so picturesque.  I didn't like the bitter cold  or lack of sun that came with the storm but at least it provided white frosted scene to look at during those bleak couple of days.

Here are the pics for the week:

So full!

Isn't it pretty?

Baby Von Miller.  I was the only person I surveyed that found this cute instead of creepy.  I just don't get how people don't see darling!

I think the box is bigger than he is!

One of my mom's presents didn't make it before she left to come down here, so she sent it down with Kyle and Jess.  It's a perfectly replica of the face her cat makes often.  Too bad it couldn't have been in black and white to match his looks too.

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