Friday, 24 February 2017

A Week in Review (February 19-25)

A Week in Review (February 19-25)

Watched: Jack, as he puts it "break the ankles of the best player on their team" with an excellent move during his Saturday basketball game. He got a steal and had a breakaway drive. The opposing team best player tried to block that shot, and Jack had an excellent cut that allowed him to finish driving to the basket. He was proud of himself too!  I'm glad that we found this opportunity for him to be able to play basketball that doesn't interfere with his wrestling schedule. I don't think we'll be as lucky next year when he wrestles in the afternoon. 

Read:  I finished up The Second Mrs. Hockaday this week.  An excellent Civil War novel. It's told in a unique way through diary entries, letters, and some third person. If you liked The Kitchen House, I think you would enjoy this story also. It's a fairly quick read.  I have a couple more books that I need to get to fairly quickly, but I didn't read a lot during the second of half of the week.  Hopefully I will still be able to bring you a review of one of them this next week.

Listened: To Jack excitedly talk about chess. He and Nick have a long game going where they each make a move at different times throughout the day. He always looks every morning to see what Nick has played. We had to take a picture and send it to Nick so that he would know Jack had put him in check. 

Made: A lot of edits to Nick's writing for a presentation that he has coming up for this week.  Everything at work had just piled up this week on him and he spent at least 70 hours at week missing Jack's two final wrestling practices and getting next to no sleep.  Saturday night was more of the same as he sat down to write this out. He is very precise with his words and will spend hours making sure he has selected the right ones to convey his meaning. Since this presentation was for an everyman, I went through it to tell him what didn't make sense and what could be reworded. We worked into the wee hours of Sunday morning, ending up only get a few hours sleep before needing to wake and head to support our club's rookie wrestlers. It was nice, but exhausting, to work through it with him. 

Felt: Thankful to Mindy for a couple hours to run errands on Monday. She took Jack and her boys swimming at the Y since she had President's Day off.  When they were done, she swung them by and grabbed them a pizza before dropping them off.  They played here for several more hours.  It's so nice to have friends to help fill the days off.  Again on Friday, she helped us by taking Jack to practice so that we could help with weigh-ins for state. It ended up going extra long and she took him back to her house afterwards.  Then we went to dinner on Saturday night on their gift card from Christmas. 

Planned: A whole new layout for the yearbook. We aren't getting the parent response that I thought we would for photographs, so we had to take a different approach to the look. I think it will still be fine. I am glad to be working with some people who are flexible and I feel won't let me down. 

Loved: The determination that Jack shows during wrestling. It's amazing to watch him attempt to work through matches even when he is hurt. In his first match he took a hard cross face that caused him to knock a tooth a little loose and bite his lip. Both caused quite a bit of blood and to make him look like a boxer. His second match he just fought amazingly against another talented opponent. His final match was with a guy who worked the upper body. It made him have a bloody nose, opened his mouth wound, and took an impressive claw mark on the arm. Not once did allow these physical ailments to bother him. He just kept fighting through it.  I hope he continues to love wrestling and has a long career with it. I think it teaches him grit, determination, and excellent sportsmanship. 

Here are the pics for the week:



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