Monday, 19 September 2016

A Week in Review (September 11-17)

A Week in Review (September 11-17)

Nurse Jackie. I was looking for a new show to watch in my free time and I had heard good thing about this show. It's quite entertaining. It's about a nurse whose addicted to pain killers leading several multiple lives. The shows are nice and short at just 30 minutes. All of the seven seasons are on Netflix currently. 

Read: I am still working on The Immortal Life of Heinretta Lacks.  It's really quite interesting, but it isn't the fastest reading material. I am hoping to be able to finish it up the next week so I can start Truly Madly Guilty. 

Listened: To my students giggle as we did the Silly Dance contest by Jim Gill. It's one of my personal favorites and I was so glad to share it with them. Even some of my students who hadn't participated before, enjoyed dancing along to that one. There is just something so inviting about the song that you can't help but join in. 

Made: A list of all the PTA dates for the Fall Semester. It was a good way to remind me of everything I have got going on. I like seeing all the fun things that we are doing for the students. I hope that they enjoy all the fun new things that are happening at the school. I am sure most of my next couple months will be spent working on the Fall Festival and the Holiday Shoppe. 

Felt: Glad the day was beautiful for the Beer Fest at Elitch's. The older boys were able to get several rides in before they head off into the Festival.  We let Sherry go for a couple hours while I took all the kids to Kiddie Land. I messed around on Pokémon go trying to find the big Pokémon to show off to the little man who installed it on my computer. We ended the night eating at BD's in Denver. Yummy!  I have grown accustomed to Hu Hot, but BD's sauces win hands down. 

Planned: On laying around all Sunday watching football with Nick on Sunday, but after his Chiefs won, he headed over to our friends to brew up some beer.  Jack went with him so he could play with the kids. They didn't stay there too long before they decided that they would rather come play at our house. They had a good time and the house wasn't quite as silent so that's a good thing. 

Loved: The cooler weather we have been having. It's nice to not be overheated just sitting in your house. It's made for some chilly nights at practice. I have got to be better about not just dressing for the weather it is when we leave for practice. Luckily, I had some apple cider in the house and was able to have a Apple Cider and Fireball to warm me up. Yummy!

Here are the pics for the week:

We convinced Nick to ride the Spider. He wasn't all that thrilled. 

The boys went on the motorcycles for Skyler. While I don't think they would ever admit it, they had an okay time too. 

Guess he was zonked from his day. 

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