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A Week in Review (March 27-April 2)

A Week in Review (March 27-April 2)

Watched: I got all caught up on my shows.  I am just so in love with The People vs OJ Simpson.  I tell anyone who was somewhat interested in the trial to watch it.  I look forward to every episode and will be quite sad when its over.  I am not loving any story line on Days of Our Lives write now and that makes me so bummed.  It just doesn't do anything for me at the moment.  Sure hope the story line changes quick!  Nick and I also watched several Better Call Saul episodes this week.  I also watched Jack excitedly come home and build an egg transporter.  We made a video to show his teacher.  We took a couple, but I only uploaded one to YouTube.  You can watch it HERE.

Read: I read Mirror, Mirror this week.  This book was unique. It's definitely nowhere close to Disney's version, not that I expected it to be, but it was just so different. Along with other reviewers, I agree that character development is totally lacking. Also, plot points seem very disjointed to me. If you like variations on fairy tales, you may enjoy this one.  Next I decided to start Skylight Confessions.  It is pretty short, so I don't foresee it taking me too long to get through.

Listened: To several rounds of April Fool's from everyone in our house.  Jack started out the morning by trying to pretend he puked.  He chewed up some gold fish and spit them out on the floor and tried to tell me it was puke.  His teacher told them that it was tradition in France to place a paper fish on someone's back for the holiday.  They made one to bring home to their parents, but I got him with it instead.  Sadly, it pulled off when he put on his jacket and he didn't make it school with it.  I got Jack by changing his iPad screen saver to a cracked screen and yelling at him for breaking it.  He was quite perplexed and scared.  I also wrapped up all his food in his lunch in crepe paper.  I put a brick behind Nick's tire so that he would have hard time making it out of the house.  He returned the favor, but I wise to that so it didn't delay us.  Jack tried all sorts of sayings like he got in trouble at school, etc.  He was quite bummed that I didn't fall for any of them.

Made: A very simple Easter dinner.  Jack had requested french dips since he had one that he just loved on our trip.  I needed the traditional ham, so I got myself a small ham steak.  We also had just a few deviled eggs, a fruit salad, and some veggies to go with it.  The boys had some movie popcorn when they went to see Batman vs Superman, so it was good that it wasn't too heavy.

Felt: Very grateful for the good help that we have developed for our Popcorn Fridays at Jack's school.  We were able to get a ton popped and bagged before the kids even got out of school.  It is good to see mom's talking with each other and just enjoying the experience.  I had two helpers who helped me count and deliver bags the next morning too.

Planned: On just being crowd control for Jack's team in the dugout during their first game. Coach informed me that he needed me to keep the book too.  Man that really changes things up.  It definitely made the game more exciting and intense.  Although no official score was released, our team won impressively 12-4.  Jack and I took a picture of ourselves before the game.  I don't love the picture, but both my boys say I look okay.  It's funny how differently we perceive ourselves from how others do.

Loved: Having an Easter Egg hunt with Jack.  I was up several hours before him so I gave him a head start since I had a chance to spy several of the places the Easter Bunny had hidden them ;)  He loved racing after them and beating me to them.  He ended up finding most of them but I think Nick and I got 5 or 6 for sport.  The eggs had gummies, junior mints, bubble gum (which I pretended I thought were Robin Eggs), and money in them.

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack dressed up for the movie 

Jack's fish. He didn't know it was there. I snuck it on with a hug. I had a ton on me after I stopped in their room on Popcorn Friday. 

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