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A Week in Review (April 3-9)

A Week in Review (April 3-9)

Watched: Jack receive an award for Outstanding Novice for his wrestling club.   I was so excited for him.  He really worked hard all season and dedicated himself to the sport.  I thought his coach gave a nice little speech about him.  You can see it HERE.  It's recorded from my phone so the sound isn't ideal, but you can definitely hear him.  He was also one of a select number of children who were recognized for being a Champion of Character, which I am super proud of as well.  There were a lot of stories of wrestlers who received other award that I hope motivate him to keep up the good work.

Read: This week wasn't too busy, so I was able to get quite a bit of reading done.  I began and finished Matched, which was recommend to me many years ago since I like the Hunger Game trilogy. It was okay. I can see why they would make the recommendation because both stores are dystopian love triangle novels. For me, they just didn't have the same punch. I felt that this one had more angst to it and I felt like I spent a lot of time listening to a teenager whine. Even with that being said, I will finish the trilogy.  I immediately started the next book in trilogy, Crossed. I haven't gotten very far into it though.  I am glad that it seems to pick up where the first book left off.  I also starts a new book with my reading partner, Mr. Penumbra's 24 hour Bookstore.  I am really enjoying it.  It has a lot of modern day references that I think will be funny for people to look back in ten years.

Listened: To the doctor's advice on how to proceed with Jack's head bonk. He was playing football with some boys after school and he took an inadvertent elbow to the head.  He didn't cry when it happened, but he did freak out when he saw himself.  He may have sustained a mild concussion. He passed the pupil test and the cognitive test, but his balance was a bit off. He took it pretty easy for the rest of the day.  When he woke up, he didn't have a headache. He did have to call me to bring him some Tylenol. He managed to get through the rest of the day which included PE, after school sports camp, and baseball practice.  We are lucky in that he really showed no adverse effects and was able to continue with life normally.

Made: An official claim to get the ball rolling to replace the contents of my purse.  It is hard to actually think about everything that you have inside there and attempt to value it.  The highest value item I lost was my prescription sunglasses.  It's kind of crushing because I know that the thieves will have gotten nothing out of them and probably just tossed them in the trash.  We will see what the insurance company says.  I must say that I don't feel that they are really living up to their good neighbor slogan.  I have much better neighbors.  :)

Felt: Joyous about the nice Spring weather that we have been having. It's so nice to be able to be out and about without bundling up.  I really do think we might have to look at getting some sort of room air conditioning though. Our bedroom is already 78 at night. 

Planned: On Opening Day ceremony for little league being kind of silly and it was.  However, Jack enjoyed it way more than I thought he would have.  They got to walk down onto the field and have their team recognized along with every other team in the league.  He was selected to read the Little League pledge as representative of his team.  The board gave some nice speeches and honored their all star teams from the last year.  It was much toastier than I had envisioned though.  Jack wasn't happy that I had put him in a long sleeve black t-shirt.

Loved: Spending good chunks of Friday talking to my mom.  While the subject matter wasn't ideal, I was reminded of how fiercely I love her and would do anything to protect her.  I was also really reminded of the power of words and how you need to be aware of how you feed into others.  I've got a great mom and I don't like anyone messing with her.

Here are the pics for the week:

The head bonk 

Nora attempted to kiss and hug it better

Walking onto the field during his Opening Day ceremony

A baseball memory popped up in my Facebook memories. I couldn't believe how lucky that was. These pictures were taken exactly six years apart. 

Jack with one of his wrestling coaches and his award. 

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