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A Week in Review (March 20-26)

A Week in Review (March 20-26)

Watched: A fun game between the Jayhawks and Maryland.  It was good to get a dose of revenge for our loss so many years ago.  Jayhawks hold grudges to the teams that take us out of the tournament.  Speaking of grudges, we will have to hold one against Villinova now.  It was a painful loss, especially in a year where so many people predicted we would win it all.  I may have taken it worse than normal since we had driven home for the game going 55mph on a 450 mile trip.  That really makes quite tedious and awful trip.

Read:  I finished up What Alice Forgot.  I thought the author did a great job about putting everything back together. I'd recommend this to anyone who is looking for a book.  It would make a great "beach" read.  Of course, I didn't take two books on our trip.  I am going to start Mirror, Mirror next.

Listened: To the nephews having a great time playing together.  Sadly Q was out sick with both the flu and strep, so we only got the see Declan and Keegan.  It was definitely a different dynamic without the oldest  one around.  They had a lot of fun swimming, building a tent, messing around in the empty trailer, and just talking to each other.  I really wish that we saw them more often then we do.

Made: A million phone calls and trips places because of my most colossal mistake.  After our trip to Pueblo, I took my purse out of Nick's truck to check the mail.  I set it down, most likely on the top of my car, and walked inside.  We forgot to close the garage door that night.  The next day the boys decided to take Nora for a walk while I was going to run to the store to get the stuff from the Easter Bunny and for Easter dinner.  At that point, I realized I couldn't find my purse.  I was sure that I had just put it somewhere silly.  I spent an hour searching and kept getting more frantic.  I checked the two main credit cards that were in my wallet, they did not show any unauthorized activity.  After Nick got home, and still couldn't find it, I checked one of the lesser used cards that wasn't in the main part of the wallet and there was activity.  I was so upset.  I lost my purse, my keys, my wallet, and Jack's wallet.  It is going to be a very expensive mistake to repair.  I really want to kick my own ass repeatedly.  Luckily, both my husband and kid are pretty understanding and are pushing for me to move on.

Felt: Such a roller coaster of emotions.  Monday was an awesome day in Pueblo, Tuesday was awful discovering the loss of the purse and the start of that entire process, Wednesday was lucky because escaped a crazy snow storm on our way out, Thursday and Friday were nice seeing family and getting away, and Saturday was quite disappointing.  I am hoping next week is a bit more even keeled.

Planned: On avoiding the winter weather by leaving early enough on Wednesday morning.  There were some very crazy parts.  Luckily Nick was driving and he just took it nice and slow through the dicey parts.  On saw on Facebook that a lot of my friends were talking about I80 being closed, so I decided to google I70 being closed.  Sure enough, roads that we very recently gotten off were shut down!  Guess we didn't get out early enough to avoid the weather, but we did get out early enough to avoid our route being shut down!  The storm dumped a ton of snow in the Denver area.  I stole a picture off my cousin's Facebook page to show you!

Loved: That Nick was able to take off the whole week of Spring Break.  I am very glad he wasn't at work when I found out about my purse.  I really benefited from his calming presence and the way he helped me make calls to cancel credit cards, change the locks, and just reassure me that I was more than my mistake.  We also got to take a fun trip down to Pueblo on Monday.  We did the river walk and enjoyed a doggie diner.  We went out the lake and had fun messing around out there too. If we lived closer to Lake Pueblo, I am sure we would already have a boat.  Being near the water really made us miss being able to be out on it.

Here are the pics for the week:

Nice, huh?

Look at all that snow. They had predicted 5"

Nora thought she needed Jack's seat

Cousin time

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