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A Week in Review (June 28-July 4)

A Week in Review (June 28-July 4)

Watched: An amazing 4th of July show in Sandy, UT.  It was full of grand finale type action.  In fact, I was sure I was seeing the grand finale three times before I was really seeing it.  We arrived at the festivities around 7pm and enjoyed the booths that were set up along the area for people to participate in.  There was free cotton candy (from a dentist, haha) and free board breaking lessons from a karate school.  Jack also did a few inflatables and bought a glowing sword from a vendor.  There were lots of people there, but it didn't feel all that crowded.  About a half hour before the show began, we laid out our blanket on the grass (the super nice thing about no chiggers!) and waited for the show to begin.  I tried to get a cute family selfie and it turned out awful.  I did put it below just so you can get a laugh too.

Read: I am still working The Ship of Brides.  It is starting to become a little more interesting, but the "twist", I read didn't really shock me all that much.  I am now late in returning it to the library so I really should dedicate more time to finishing it up next week.

Listened: To an interesting talk from the State Trooper that pulled me over on Wednesday.  It is apparently a primary offense to not wear your seat belt in Utah.  While I am sure that it may be safer to wear it, I don't feel that the government has the right to legislate my personal safety and force me to wear it.  That was the exact answer I gave the officer when he asked me about it.  I also got grilled for not having a Utah driver's license to go with my Utah registration.  I was informed that although I was told that it was okay by the registrar, they did not know what they were talking about.  I had to answer questions about my temporary living in Utah.  It was sure a good thing I was able to say that I had movers coming at the end of the month!  In the end, I got only a warning.  But now, that warning is on file in Utah so I will have to buckle up for the rest of the month to avoid getting the actual ticket.  

Made: A trip into downtown to use more of our Connect Salt Lake passes.  Jack chose to go back to the Planetarium.  We were able to watch two movies, get concessions, and play all afternoon for $6.  I thought that was quite the steal.  Jack's favorite thing was the thermal imagining camera and the hot/cold plates that go along with it.  It wasn't busy, so we got plenty of action with it.  I tried to take a picture for him, it didn't turn out the greatest, but it captures the overall idea.  It will be a good memory sparker when it scrolls through the pictures on the computer slideshow.

Felt: That every year, I need to walk through my house and ask myself if I would box this up if I were moving.  It really helps you keep your clutter to a minimum.  While I felt I have been pretty good about keeping the "stuff" out of here, I have probably had about three trips to Saver's and a couple trips to friends.  A lot is stuff that I moved from KC and it didn't get used like I thought it would, so it isn't making the trip to the Springs with us.  I am not sure I will be able to keep up with it, but it does feel good.  The less that I have to load into a box, the happier I am going be.

Planned:  Some more details of our move.  We are going with ABF to drive our stuff from Point A to Point B.  We will do all the packing.  We have hired a group of four men to help us load the truck on the 29th of July.  After the truck is picked up, it was have 3 to 5 business days in transit.  They will drop it off at out new place and we will get three days to unload everything.  I haven't secured people to help us unload it, but I am sure we will be paying for that as well.  Paying for help really reduces the stress of moving.  

Loved: The extra day at home with Nick!  It is so nice that the holiday fell on Saturday so Nick was able to get a three day weekend.  We had a good time just being together, grilling, lighting off fireworks, and being able to do a bunch of nothing.  Busy times are ahead for our family, so I am glad that we had this time to just kick back.

Here are the pics for the week:

He seriously loves to have his picture taken on these.

Nick didn't believe my story about getting pulled over, so I sent him this picture while I was waiting for the officer to finish running my life story.

Fireworks Pics

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