Monday, 29 June 2015

A Week in Review (June 21-27)

A Week in Review (June 21-27)

Watched: A lightbulb click for Jack. He was finally able to put together most of the necessary mechanics to get the basic swimming that didn't involving underwater swimming. He did so good in his lessons that he is able to move up to the higher levels. He is excited to be professing. This next swim lesson time comes with the big benefit of ending just 10 minutes before the pool opens. I am sure that we will be staying and swimming plenty next week. 

Read: About the first 1/4 of Ship of Brides by JoJo Moyes. I have really enjoyed her other books but so far this one has been very disjointed and really hasn't pulled me in. I did pick up Grey by EL James. I will be interested to see if I like the trilogy as much when told from Christian's perspective. 

Listened: To my car make an awful sound as I curb checked and my tire popped. Not exactly the best thing to have happen after a weekend of camping and a nice dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate Father's Day.  Nick got it the donut on with no problems and we got it all taken care of Monday when the shops opened up. 

Made: A trip to the doctor on Monday because I was sure that my pinky toe had an infection in it. It was so painful. She said that I didn't and it was just most likely broken from the originally injury (kicking a shopping cart wheel). It was still quite red and painful so I went to Facebook to ask if I should seek a second opinion.  One friend suggested an Epsom salt soak and another friend with a medical background gave me specific signs of what to look for in the morning. I soaked it that night and it did feel a little better. After the second soak the next morning the pain was reducing and the other signs were not showing up. While I am glad I first sought the opinion of a doctor, I am thankful for my awesome group of friends who had better suggestions than she did for putting my mind at ease. I know that an infection is nothing to mess around with. 

Felt: Glad that my son will grow up in a United States where gays aren't discriminated against by the government. I am so proud that they will be entitled to all the benefits that marriage grants you.  I can't imagine not being able to make end of life decisions for the person I loved. So many people are worried that we are headed in the wrong direction, but I think acceptance of others, even things that make us uncomfortable, can not be a bad thing. I loved the judges ruling and have included it below for my future reference. 

Planned: To get my hair all chopped off. I have been so sick of my hair lately.  It hasn't been laying right and has looked just awful most days. I looked into a pixie cut and thought maybe I should go that way. When I went to hairstylist she convinced me that I wouldn't be happy with the extreme change and just went with bob that has a pixie-ish back. I am very happy with it. I took a selfie, but I am not sure you can see a lot of difference from the front, but there really is. Jack isn't sure he likes it so short on me. I am thrilled with it. 

Loved: Celebrating Father's Day all weekend with my husband. I couldn't think of any awesome gifts to give him so I tried to give him to gift of relaxation. This project has taken so much out of him that it takes a lot more for him to unwind.  When we got home from camping, I sent him straight to the shower.  During that time, I got things put away enough that he could just enjoy being home.  We then went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and came home and watched some Mythbusters together.  I am so glad that we chose to take this journey together. 

Here are the pics for the week:

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