Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Week in Review (July 26-August 1)

A Week in Review (July 26-August 1)

Watched:  All sorts of different screens while picking out a new TV for our home. We were really debating between getting a curved or not, and decided against it. There didn't seem to be a big enough advantage to justify the price difference.  We ended up getting a 55" 4K LG.  It's clarity is almost too much for me. I am sure that I will adjust. 

Read: Nothing this week either. There is just too much bouncing around in my head for a book to get in there. 

Listened: To Jack ask if we were ever going to leave American Furniture Outlet. It is similar to a Nebraska Furniture Mart experience with less electronics. We sat on so many sofas trying to figure out what we liked. On one couch we all kind of snuggled up together, Jack said we should take a silly selfie. I loved the way it turned out. We didn't buy anything, but went home with some measurements to figure out which one would fit the space best. 

Made: The drive across Utah into our new home state of Colorado. I really hope that we all make good friends and settle into a rhythm quickly. The Point did not wrap up when we were hoping so we know that we will lose Nick back to Utah soon.  Hopefully Jack and I can use that time to explore our new area.  

Felt: Letdown. I was expecting our house to feel very fancy because of the pictures online. It turns out it has been a rental for 10 years and people don't take care of them as well as home owners do. Every thing is very dated and shows signs of wear. I am hoping once we get our stuff into it won't be as obvious. I need to remember that it's just short term and isn't a safety hazard so it will be just fine.  

Planned: On getting curtains up right away in the new place, but it turns out that I need mostly new ones to fit the windows. I did find a great deal on some to fit the 9' foot window at a garage sale. Now it's just buying the $40 rod to hang them! 

Loved: Enjoying the Melting Pot after getting our truck all loaded.  Jack had some coupons and so we just had to take advantage. As always, our experience was excellent. It was just what we needed after all the packing and cleaning. 

Here are our pictures for the week:

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