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A Week in Review (July 19-25)

A Week in Review (July 19-25)

Watched: Jack love the ocean.  He had so much fun crashing in the waves and riding them down the coast line. The water was soooo cold though.  We would go from life guard post to life guard post before I would make him walk back and warm up for a bit. We also spent time building domes close to the shorline to see if we could make it survive the waves.  As we were walking down the Oceanside Pier, Jack said he could see himself working in a hotel and then surfing the rest of the day. I am so excited to see which of his childhood dreams comes true. 

Read: Nothing. My time that I would normally spend reading was spent catching up on Facebook or Pinterest because the rest of my days were jammed pack. 

Listened: To Jack and I laugh uproarsly as we played a round of mini golf in the warm California rain. Nick was not a fan, which honestly, made it all that much funnier.  We took a selfie before it really started to come down and Nick had to go inside.  At the same venue, Jack and I  also did two round of bumper boats.  We also played some games inside at the arcade. Jack won the jackpot on one of his favorite games. I tried to get a picture, but he was just too jumpy for it to turn out well. Because the rain wouldn't let up, the gave us some passes to come back and play later. We went back another day and played the other mini golf course and a round of laser tag.  We had a good time. 

Made: The end of our 700 mile trek home from San Diego on a spare tire. We were about 100 miles outside of Draper when suddenly Nick's tire pressure light came on. I commented and he asked him if it had gotten windy because it was pulling a bit to the right. I said I didn't think too much, so he started to slow down and get over. Before he could make it all the way, the tire blew.  It was interesting getting all our stuff into the back seat and figuring out how to lower the tire at 11:30 at night!  Luckily there was no damage outside the tire and we made it home just a bit later than planned. 

Felt: Grateful that my in-laws were able to keep Jack so that we could come back and hit packing hard. Even though I feel like we purged a lot of stuff moving to Salt Lake City and didn't aquire much new stuff there, we still have way too much stuff!

Planned: On getting the majority of our stuff packed this week. And we did it!  What I didn't count on was the very different ways that Nick and I would want to pack. It will be interesting to see how the boxes look when we unpack them!

Loved: Our day at Legoland, which was also our 14th wedding anniversary. We arrived about 9:30am. We spent sometime looking around the Big Shop where Jack saw some Lego sets that weren't yet available for sale elsewhere. We didn't buy them because I wanted to make sure he didn't want anything else along the way.  Our first ride was on a boat through Story Book Island. It was a nice ride full of lots of fairy tales crafted out of Lego. My personal favorite was Jack and the Beanstalk. I even got a picture of my Jack with it. The amazing thing about Legoland is all the structures that are created from Lego. It was mind blowing to see so many awesome things created. We took a quick tour through the set of the basement from the Legoland movie. We even were able to meet a huge size Wyldstyle outside.  We made our way back to the water park. Jack was really looking forward to the lazy river rafts where you were supposed to be able to build with Lego while you rode around. That experience was a huge letdown. The rafts were broken and you couldn't really get the rubber blocks to stick to them. We did venture to the wave pool next. It was close to both the build a boat to race exhibit and the giant splash ride.  He really enjoyed all three.  After about 90 minutes, we headed back into the park. Even on Tuesday, the lines were long. There is a handy app from Legoland that gives you the current estimated wait time.  The rides were a bit lack luster for Jack since he is used to the thrill rides of Worlds of Fun. We did make it a session of MindStorm. We fudged and said Jack was going into third grade so that they could get in. While the boys were there, I went back to get our stuff out of locker in the water park and thought I would double check that there was plenty of his desired set left in the gift shop. When I looked at the shelf and saw none, my heart sank. I was going to have a sad little man on my hands.  I decided to ask the sales associate if they had any in the back and thank heavens, they did!  I got one held for me so that they didn't sell out again.  After they finished their session which sounded like a blast, we headed over to the biggest thrill ride in the park the Technic coaster.  The line was long but it was a good ride for last. We finished up at the gift shop and were in our car by 9pm. We missed one entire section of the park too. I think Jack was pretty much the oldest I would want him to be to spend the kind of money they ask for tickets.  It was a wonderful day overall.

Here are our pictures for the week:
The boys at the Pacific Ocean 

Our selfie before the downpour started. 

His happy dance post jackpot

The boy and I on the beach 

Legoland California Pics

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