Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Week in Review (February 1-7)

A Week in Review (February 1-7)

Watched: The Super Bowl. I wasn't sure what to think of it all. I guess I am glad that the AFC won.  The halftime show was not up our alley here.  Even though I enjoyed the songs, the performances just made me laugh. I was disturbed by the Nationwide commercial. People who have lost children due to accidents didn't need that. There would have been a lot more tactful ways to bring awareness. My favorite commercial was the Fiat one.  Not sure how we will fill our Sunday's again. I guess college basketball takes over.

Read:  I finished up Ruby Red.  I found this book on a recommendation of a fellow book lover. It is a good story, but it just don't have much of a climax. I feel like this book should have been longer. I will definitely start the next one soon.  Next book I completed was The Retribution of Mara Dyer.  This was by far my favorite book in the series because it was pretty much all the climax of the story. I could have done without about 15 of the last 20 pages though. Overall, not a trilogy that I would recommend to others.  I also, surprisingly, was able to finished up another book.  First Frost I had to decide between two books and I went this route. Apparently, it was the right decision for me as I blew through the book forsaking sleep just so I could catch up with Waverly family. Although I don't think you have to read Garden Spells to enjoy this story, I do think it would add many more layers that make you smile. A must read for Sarah Addison Allen fans. 

Listened: To the kids read some of the cutest papers during their 100 days celebration.  It was a fill in the blanks like, I could carry a 100 ________, but I could not carry a 100 _________.  The things that they think to put in there just made me laugh. Jack was a speech so he didn't get do his. I am hoping he will come home with the paper so we can do it later. 

Made: The drive to get my necklace cleaned because it had gotten a piece of fuzz wrapped tightly around it.  There was a Goodwill around the corner and so I stopped in. I was so excited to find adult plates that were divided. It's the dream for those of us who don't love our food to mix. Jack thinks that they are fun too. The work well for sryups with pancakes too.

Felt: A bit more stress. I could really see how hard the job has been for Nick lately. He spent a large part of Saturday (after a Jayhawk loss) trying to get things through. It was a very line in the sand moment. It made me backslide on my nail chewing a bit. It worked out for now, but I think that there will be several more stressful moments before this project is over.

Planned: My normal meal plan, but we just haven't been good about following through it.  We are in a weird spot with our schedule. I just haven't stayed with it. I am sure we will get better again. It's much better on the budget.

Loved: That Jack was able to have a friend over on Friday. They started playing some Minecraft at the house, went to the park with pizza, and then went to Classic Skate Center. They were together for 6 hours and it wasn't enough for either of them. It's so fun to watch him enjoy his friends.

Here are the pics for the week:

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