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A Week in Review (June 22-28)

A Week in Review (June 22-28)

Watched: Ben and his buddy dismantle the bench and table in the kitchen. It won't go well in the next place and so we are passing it on to them. I am sure that they will give it a good family, especially as their baby begins to eat solids. It makes the kitchen seem so much bigger which is a good thing!

Read: I quickly blew through Necessary Lies.  It was my first book Diane Chamberlain.  It was a  compelling novel about the Eungenics program used in North Carolina until the mid 1970's. I loved the afterward in the novel. I think it makes the book all that much more believable.  Next I started the The Rosie Project (Don Tillman #1).  I loved this story about a quirky little man and his path to self acceptance. I think I saw bits of my husband in him, which endeared me to him even further. I was very excited when I went to write my quick review that there will be a follow up book. :)

Listened: To the sound of Jack playing in the neighbors pool. They have been very good about inviting him over so that I can continue to sort through things in the house.
Made: The trip home from Wichita. We went down there so that I could attend Valerie's bridal shower on Saturday and we could go to Quentin's birthday party.  Valerie's shower was fun even though I unwound too much string for a party game and had to talk way too much.  We also had a good time at Q's 8th birthday. It was a swimming party and so Jack got to do lots of cannon-balling. There were more friends, so I stayed out of the pool for the majority of the time. I did get it and everyone had to show me something. It's funny to me how much kids like for adults to validate their awesomeness. 

Felt: Overwhelmed. There is so much to do in preparation for packing. There are so many options that you can go with. Should we pack it all ourselves and using a pod? Should we attempt to use a Uhaul?  Should we hire packers and movers?  Nick is negotiating a moving package and so after weighing our options, we will be hiring packers and movers. Now my job is too see what we've been hoarding in the house that we don't need to take with us!

Planned: For Nick to take tours of several homes in the area when he was out there kicking things off. The big problem was there weren't a lot of homes that met my qualifications "in Salt Lake County, in the Canyon School District, Single Family Home, Allows Barley". He ended up seeing four and the one below was notches above the rest. It's close to where the proposed project office is, which will be good for when he has to go back to work, which I think will be often.  It is 3 bedroom, 2 bath. There is actually a space for a dining table too. :)  There was quite a bit of drama concerning get Nick a cashier's check ( which was never happened), but luckily our new landlord was very understanding and it all worked out. 

Loved: That Nick decided it was okay if we wasted too much money and had a big pool party for our going away. It was much more expensive than I thought it would be, but Jack is very excited. He says on a scale from Bad to Awesome, it's Beyond Awesome.

Here are the pics for the week:

Maybe I don't need to take all this lotion with me. Haha

But I did find this gem that I thought was hilarious. This is from when I really first got to know Nick well. 

The outside view of our new "home"

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